Monday, 10 March 2008

Join the Union

Ladies and Customers alike: The IUSW needs your support!Union...??
Me ???
Bloody Communists they are!
Perpe-traitors of chaos, and weapons of mass-disruption too...

Ok. Now before I get accused of inappropriate fun in answer to a serious question, here is the more serious reply.

Firstly, I do still value my privacy. Hence I will not join any body openly. And for the same reason, I refuse to pay for sites like C69, or for Private-access to, say TER, no matter how much some Ladies recommend the site.

Yeah, I know, the driver sits at window of the club across the road, and therefore, some Ladies will peek through the curtains, or even just open them. One young and wild girl even did that dressed like Godiva (the Lady, not the chocolate), but her thick black hair was long enough to cover most of the sensitive parts. Nah that folklore of the window-routine is generally not a big problem, as long as we are still dressed: Ptr + Lady Wave to say Hi! Driver doesnt bat an eyelid.)

And just for the driver, this week I didnt just bring choccies, I also nicked a copy of Race-Tech international (Feb2008) from the airport lounge.

But secondly, let me draw an analogy as to why I will not join the union:

As a rail and air passenger, I have Great sympathy for the people that run those transportation systems. These ppl work really hard, probably at dire conditions. And they have to endure the abuse of my fellow passengers whenever the wrong leaves fall, or whatever the wrong excuse of the day is (... due to the slow network ahead of us. X-N appologized for any inconveniences caused by this delay ...).
They have my Sympathy!
But would I join their union ?

Their representation is a private matter for them. They need it, and I will not stop them from organizing. But that union will probalby create some friction between them and their employers - and any industrial action will affect my travel!
In some countries, the regular transport strike is just part of the local folklore. The French even thought they could win the olympic bid for 2012 by stageing a strike... Luckily the Italians hardly ever work to and their trains and planes are irregular at best, so nobody notices.

Need better image for picket-lineNow imaging a booking, where, instead of having a discreet Lady turn up, there appears a delegation of the IUSW, handing over a leaflet stating "We apologize for the inconvenience... "

Or a picket line at the local sauna club? Imagine what it would look like (and the management would bus in strike-breakes from eastern europe...)

So, I heartily recommend you have a read or even fill in the form, but I will respectfully stay out. If I ever come across a picket line of ASPs, I will be properly Cross. But also silently happy that the Adult Industry has Grown Up.

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