Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Racks Revisited

Just when I wanted to discuss floozie-movies and throw in the odd book-review, just when I also have a few ramblings on unions and politics....,

Exactly at that very moment, Sue the Superagent from Angels4You provokes me with a comment on Racks.

Thank you Dear. For keeping me awake at night to do another blog-entry.

Ok then, once more: No Lady needs a bOOb-job!

It is not really my business, and any girl is free to do woteva she fancies. But I will dis-advise any Lady to have a boob-job, always.

I have seen more "wrong" EEnhancements then Right ones. Most are just perky, or plain basketball-hard, and all are likely to cause problems sooner or later. Rember: they will require maintenance at some point...

However, as some have pointed out: I am a hypocrite.

Yes, I get turned on by Ladies with a womanly figure, curves are comfy! And yes, my all-time favorite (as in: my most seen Lady) has had a boob job. And she is Very Very happy with hers. She looks like a Million Pound Sterling (with the dollar falling...) and her surgeon probably makes that in a year - he did some celebs as well.

Hers are Delicious. Not Hard at all, very well shaped and still sensitive. Naturals. And her slightly enhanced figures becomes her very Very well.

She also has the moviestar-lookalike face, the yummi-mummy confidence that comes with experience and with a real-world Life (including being a parent, holding a proper job, and having normal hobbies besides being a part-time Escort - she is The Right Lady)

And she combines her womanly, size10/12 curvy figure with the perfect posture that comes from being Fit and self-assured (her other hobby is also quite physical). But still, she realizes that her proud DD assets can turn into liabilities. She knows she cannot run and that she needs a good-quality corset to ride a horse. And she realizes she will have to worry about the implants when the time comes.

So my final verdict would still remain: DONT!
Implants are un-natural.

However, I know that is easy for me to say. I am physically ok-ish, and dont get my self-esteem from the size of my pectorials (although I often wish I had broader shoulders), or from the length and width of my dick (mind you, I am exceptionally endowed - or so all my favorite Ladies tell me. LOL...)

I realize very well that a better figure will boost the self-confidence of a woman and may well get her just that little bit more attention that lands her Mr Right$. Men are generally just following their instincts when they approach a woman (I know, I am a man - or at least a wannabee).

Hence I will not stand in the way of a deliberate choice made by a Lady.

A, B or DD, You can decide for yourself.


Slutty McWhore said...

I've got small boobs and love them! They're practical! I can tuck them away when I'm running.

Thanks for the comment on my blog, by the way!

Ptr_leeds said...

Hey Slutty, Good to hear you are happy with yours. The smaller ones are actually much more practical. And they are nicer to gently caress, lick, to play with. Possibly also more sensitive.

The Comment: you are welcome. And consider yourself listed as ptr-blog. Those britblogs can go and ... (you get the picture).

SimplyAlexa said...

Ah, the best part of having pointers is that you can wear tops without a bra and there is just enough of a hint of wiggle and bounce but no sag! Makes for some very envious eyes burning holes in ones back. ;-) Natural C's work for me!