Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Sitemap of my escorting blog

As with so may real sites, and on the advice of a trusted operator,
I've decicded to create this index page, a sitemap, if you want.

Here are the introductionary pages,
they are the ones that say most about me and my preferences:

  • The very first intro - still very much at the start of my blogging era

  • Consenting Adults - the main topic, with some reserves

  • Outcalls, just my thing

  • My preparations - The Reference.

  • Waiting for Her

  • The Mind... it really is a mind game.

  • Seduction - mind and body

  • Broke my heart - sentimental ?

  • Just for Her - when it was all I could do...

  • Advice

    Allthough as a customer, I am on "the other side of the fence", here are my Pedantic Tips for Ladies, Agents and others:
  • The Right Lady (TRL) - Well? Are You ?

  • Agency or Indie ? - I'm neutral

  • Agents and Indies Revisited

  • The list of Links.....
  • Before the knock on the door

  • Writing blogs and reports

  • The script for a date

  • Discretion

  • Recommendations - Risks and Rewards

  • Phone Etiquette

  • Outcall Advice

  • The links to IUSW and SAAFE

  • More Tips

  • The pictures dont do her justice...

  • Racks, of the female kind

  • (insert another favorite graphic of Lovely Deep Cleavage here?)

    I am a bit of a foody .....
  • Chocolate - Yummie!

  • Food and Frollicking

  • Nice boost of morale

  • General fun stuff
  • Punters - complete Morons

  • How old are you?

  • Lobster

  • Trains

  • Art

  • The knock on the door

  • Blocked sites ?

  • My Favorite Balls

  • Quicky

  • Trains rides

  • Virgin

  • Halloween with Olivia

  • Pulling on a train

  • Positions

  • Racks - some of my favorites

  • This movie was a good View

  • Links to other bloggers or sites:
    I will admit: I'm as obsessed by BOOBS as the next bloke.....
  • Got a Banners ?

  • Whatever you see...

  • Quite a personality

  • Nikki - Nicola - Nat

  • Personalities

  • Kimberley

  • Keep up to date....

  • Beverly is Cool!

  • Two nice new links

  • Media stuff:

  • Radio Interview with an agent

  • Olivia in press

  • One very Smart Girl

  • $pread

  • My rant on boards and stabbings.
  • Message boards

  • Politics - not my strongest point
    There is a saying in a different language: Even if you dont pay attnt to politics, Politics will pay attention to you.
    That is what may be happening if the UK lawmakers get their way with this Industry.
  • Parlours

  • Christmas and Legislation

  • Oranized labour

  • Freedom of Frollicks

  • Various topics, hard to classify stuff:
  • Manners?

  • The Eternal Mystery

  • And finally, my ramblings on "the Quality-date"
    (as some cynics will say: my specifications)

  • Nature...

  • text

  • text

  • And the basics

  • an oldie on the GFE

  • Did you ever fall ?

  • would you really want...

  • And I also nicked found this nice looking set of clickable buttons, they lead to various Industry-related sites...

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    Select an escort Captain69Open Adult Directory

    escortsList adult contacts direct 69Design

    Oh, and this video was a Good Laugh
    (nothing to do with the main topic, but still.

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