Monday, 31 March 2008

Six Words and a five tags.

Blimey. Or should I say “Darn”.
Chain letters.

Indy has narrowly escaped, but then finds himself in a plane with a snake at his feetAt the Frantic start of Busy week, I find myself holding a chain-letter...
"Snakes! I hate ‘m Jock, I hate ‘m!"
"Oh come on, show a little backbone, will ya."

With Indy IV just round the corner, any Lady to volunteer to come and see it when it hits the screens in UK?

Oh well
swallow this and quickly find 5 victims, before the whole net is plastered.

The Roolz (as I've inherited them from Chevalier):

  • Write your own six word memoir (check)

  • Post it on your blog (check) and include a visual illustration if you’d like (still looking for good visuals)

  • Link to the person that tagged you in your post. (link to Chevalier, chev or "Jeffe" goes here)

  • Tag five more blogs with links (links under the names below)

  • And don’t forget to leave a comment on the tagged blogs with an invitation to play.

(* Ptr off to click his blogroll - Fast *)

So here are my six words:
Preparation - Respect - Connection - Tenderness - Longwinding - Soporific

Note to self: link each word to dictionary definition....
(the last word is a quote from a well known board-posting Lady, unfortunately she doenst have a blog.

And here come the tags.
Six, as I've decided to include Sue - Bless Her - at the last minute:

more work...Darn 'n Darn 'n DARN again.
I forgot some of them dont allow comments.
Resort to Email... (need graph of envelope)

So there!
Back to real work for me. (some graph of real work - spade? mud ?)

The graphics will have to wait till later tonight,
or L8ter tout court.



AH said...

Ptr! Arrghhh.

Kick. Your. Ass. Is. My. Joy.

Okay... I have to participate.

I do not know 5 unmemed folks!


*coming across pond to kick your ass on of these days*


Ptr_leeds said...

My Feeling Exactly.

Sue@Angels4You said...

I think the words ... rat bag ... go away ... I want to stay serious lol might just apply Ptr my sweet. But as ever, one diary entry just done with tags to follow I hope - thanks .... mmmm not sure I should say thanks though but seeing as I was brought up to be polite I think I have to! Yuck!

Ptr_leeds said...

Thanks Sue!
I knew I could count on you.

Let me jus play this pre-recorded message: "... and ptrleeds wishes to apologize for any inconvenience caused"

(I'm sure this text is played at T5 a lot... Hah: Eurostar must have a mole in there!)

The English Courtesan said...

Inspired, Young Ptr, inspired! I wonder if you'd take payment in kind to do my six word homework for later tonight? ;-)

Livvy xxx

Ptr_leeds said...

Many things inspire me Livvy, but you are one of my principal Muses.
Nice to see you again!
(did you spot me at the auction ?)