Friday, 14 March 2008

Two Very Nice Links

The Image to the left is a female Troll. I could not find an appetizing-enough image of a male troll. Hence this workaround. The meaning, if not sussed already, will soon be clear.

After comments or mail from a blogger or webmaster, I tend to go visit their place on the web. This is how blogging seems to work: you discover, you read, you learn, and you comment on writings that you find interesting. And sometimes you write your own.

And when I like a site or a person and their content is relevant to my topic I will add them to my banner-page or to the blog-roll on the right.

Hopefully my comments are not too "trolly." It is not as if I'm commenting just to receive more links or traffic.
Oh No no no, I'm after much more then just a comment or a link-exchange.

Now, I did hesitate about the next two additions (I was a bit intimidated):
Eleanor Aston and Dollymopp (yep, double-P, for a good reason too, go read why). Those two are clearly out of my league (for the moment, at least. I have not abandoned hope for my career yet).

But I would like to heartily recommend both Eleanor and Dollymopp as Very Good Examples of how an Escort-page can be done! Both are Indies and aim for the premium end of the Market. Eleanor even offers "exclusive" deals for an extended period (weeks, months, .. a whole year ... ?). If I was looking for a personal assistant, I would consider offering her a position. And if my career really takes off, when I finally can expense that private jet, I might give this experienced cabin-attendant a call. Until then, I'm afraid I'll have to make do with timesharing on NetJets. And maybe Commander Delamere will offer me a ride in her helicopter some day.

I especially love the distinctive style of Dollymopp. And the classy modern layout and Excellent Pictures of Eleanor deserve a photography award. And I wonder if I've ever met her on long-haul ... ?

Both Dollymopp and Eleanor have blogs with some personal history. These did awakens the pervy voyeur in me (Hi Livvy, I thought you'd be watching), and both have Interesting things to say about the business and life in general.

Now stop loitering here, Click and Go See !


AH said...

I love those pics on Dollymopp's site. Very creative.

Thanks for an enjoyable read.

Ptr_leeds said...

Hey AH, thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the read.

Your blog is a refreshing read, and it looks Mint too (I'm sure Dollymopp approves).

CU around.

(I'll get you a link in the blogroll)