Sunday, 27 April 2008

Floozies in Film

This was a nice Discovery : A Filmography of Floozies in Film.

Eleanor Herself! (With my Repectful Gratitude for permission to use the image)Many Thanks to Eleanor for composing that page. Her list is a goldmine of interesting movies that touch on the subject of Courtesanship, Escorting, or just plain working.

And Eleanor is well documented, she has really gone into the historic days of cinema, going back as far as 1913.

There are the obvious titles, like Belle de jour and Pretty Woman. An unexpected mention (for me, but in hindsight evident) goes to Porkies...

And there was this title that really peaked my curiosity: Hookers in Revolt, according to IMBD it was inspired by the work of George Orwell....

It is a bit of a downer that one of my now-favorite movies on the topic, the foreign production Special Escort (2007) will probably not qualify for the list. Why not? Go see it!
I only stumbled across this "special" movie two months ago because it was shown on a Lufthansa long-haul (air-travel, another link with Eleanor)

However, I hope Eleanor will allow me to suggest a few additions:

[1936] Victory Hopper as Molly Gordon in The Lonely Road.

[1984] Kathleen turner as china blue in Crimes of Passion.

[1998] Rae Baker as Julia in Shadow Run.

The book by Nevil Shute.The original book of Lonely Road is a good read too. Actually, that same, very civilized author, Nevil Shute, has touched the subject of "Escorting" a number of times. His main character of earlier novels, Philip Stenning, tells of a wild night in the company of "a flossie" that lands him 3 months in Jail (Marazan, written in 1926, no movie). And in his next novel, "Ruined City" (1938, no movie) the protagonist enrolls the help of a mixed crowd at a nightclub to pull off a business venture abroad. It makes you think how the author did business himself when he started his own company in the early days commercial air transport.

The last mention, Shadow Run, is a very English movie. And Ravishing Rae Baker is cast as the most Stunning redhead. A Delight to look at. Her Julie character is a very realistic Escort (I wonder, what research did she do...?). And the dialog between her and Haskell (Michal Caine) over dinner is Sublime! It reminded me of a very similar chat I had with a very similar Lady in the bar of a hotel, autumn of 2006...)

Anyway, I'm sure the readers can come up with many more... Just put them in a comment, or better: send them straight to Eleanor.

I will be off to HMV, Amazon and torrentseek with a list shortly...

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Politics, Picures and Freedom of Frollicks

The meaning of the hat will become clear near the end of the text - but yeah, it is also an sublimal commercial message for the new Indiana Jones movieThere is a saying in a different language:
Even if you dont pay attention to politics,
Politics will come and pay attention to you.

There may be a British equivalent, but it does not spring to mind right now.
Would Miss Livvy be able to include such a proverb in next weeks lesson?

So politics have decided to pay attention to us. At least some of the UKs third-rate politicians in the desperate days of a disappearing parliamentary majority. And if these lawmakers get their way with the Industry of "Consenting Adults" things may get complicated. If we let them outlaw "pay for play" we may end up with no end of trouble - such as trying to prove/disprove that payment(*) was for, well, specific "acts".

Hence, like I wrote earlier, some of us will have to stand up for Freedom of Frollicks(**).

And I would not count on too much help from the average caught-out-MEP or exposed-hotshot. Those tend to dissapear silently. I know of none who turned around and stood up for the industry they had happily participated in.

There may be some help coming from an unexpected side: It was interesting to hear the moderate voice of these Ladies from the Women's Institute

Some credible participants in the industry will have to help to get the message across: Very Few Ladies in this line of work are forced, trafficked or exploited.

As the real world can easily verify, and as HMRC knows full well, many of the reputable indies and agents are proper "above-board" registered enterprises. As independents and businesses they benefit form the civil and legal infrastructure provided by the state. We should recognize that they contribute to the UK economy by providing an in-demand service, as well as an honest living or an interesting hobby for the participants. And as any decent and proper business they pay their taxes to keep the institutions of the state in proper functioning order.

No matter what a moral majority may think of these businesses: they are Legitimate! (I dont think those "Morals" are much of a "Majority", but it is hard counting things that people would rather keep private - myself included).

(*) Note that Payment is always only for "Time and Companionship", and such only to the point were both parties "agree" or "consent" to be together, stay together and possibly play together. Whatever happens is purely a matter for consenting adults who get along brilliantly.

(**) Make no mistake: I have nothing against a good, Credible, Crackdown on Crime. And I am in favour of combatting exploitation, violence or money laundering. But there are proper and existing laws to do that with. The recent wave of raids on parlours may be good proof of current legislation in action. So how many exploited and trafficked girls have been unearthed in those raids?
And what percentage of the total number of working Ladies or "escorts" in the UK is that?

What do pictures have to do with this?

IDs and discretion, one of my other favorite topics.We have seen the odd press piece and the documentary on Ch4,
some rare but refreshingly open articles every now and then. There were a number of more-or-less-credible Escort-authored books : Belle, Dawn - call me Elizabeth - Annadale, and the mother of all Happy Harlots: Xaviera.

And on this "trend" we are, gradually, seeing Agents and business owners becoming more and more "open" about what they do.

Several Agencies that I know now have the picture of the "owner operator" on the site somewhere. There already was the example of a well known, legendary NE agent/escort who had a (small) picture of herself up on her agency site.
And the other NE Escort who named the agency after herself and Proudly features herself as one of the girls.

And now recently an NE agency had a site-overhaul, and, low and behold: A charming and very recognizable picture of the owner features Proudly and somewhat provocatively on the front page.

I think it is quite brave of those Ladies to come out like that, given the possible repercussions and reactions of the community they live in. Would you want to be confronted with this job at the school gates? It has happened to some Ladies!

Being rather "private" myself,
I repectfully Tip my Hat to them! Well done Ladies.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Romantic, hopelessly Romantic.

But I did not Break it, I actually discoverd a few nice blogs and sites throught it - Thanks Chev!When doing the previous post, the silly chain-letter, I had to quickly come up with six (6, German: Sechs) words that characterize me. I didnt give it much thought. Did it while I was in a hurry, running on impulse.

I wrote the concept of that text while having a quick dinner in my favorite fast-food. Darn chain letters! I had Work to do, and I wanted to get ahead to make sure I would have an evening available for more important things.

I posted it without much thinking or editing a few hours later as I wanted to "tag" ppl before others would swoop them up.

Job Done.
Onwards I went onto Real Things - my planned Date was very important to me!

Fluffy - this towel, like me, will remain fluffy, no matter how often you wash it :-)But maybe I am a bit of a Fluffy...
Afterwards it surprised me that those words, chosen "randomly" over a fast-food meal, describe Exactly how I want a Date to go. Let me re-visit them one by one.

  • Preparations: Mine are legendary. And several posters have Commented on them.

  • Respect: I try to invite real personalities, and I have great Respect for any Lady who endeavours "on the game".

  • Connection: I want to really connect to the Lady. And I greatly appreciate it when she returns the favour, real or acting (as long as I dont notice that it is acting, there is no difference!).

  • Tenderness: Essential for good inter-personal mechanics and that Deep and Satisfying Pleasure.

  • Longwinding: I do like to frollick for the full duration of our meeting.
    I never tire of tender treatment. The real reason I date Ladies is to be Close. To touch and to be touched. To kiss and be kissed. To love an to be loved. Of course, the qualification "longwinding" was given to me for my endlessly long postings where ppl fall asleep reading.

  • Soporific: The night sleep after a good meeting is Very Rewarding. (and yes, someone qualified my writings a soporific, but I dont blame her..)

Funny how my 6 words, impulsively jotted, were Spot On.

However, the Main Reason for this post is a Thank You!

This week I had one of those Very Memorable meetings with a Real Lady. And this is my way of saying :

"Thank You Darling - You are Mint!".

You know who you are, Take Well Care!

This one is Just for You! - And I hope we will meet again, Soon.