Friday, 4 April 2008

Romantic, hopelessly Romantic.

But I did not Break it, I actually discoverd a few nice blogs and sites throught it - Thanks Chev!When doing the previous post, the silly chain-letter, I had to quickly come up with six (6, German: Sechs) words that characterize me. I didnt give it much thought. Did it while I was in a hurry, running on impulse.

I wrote the concept of that text while having a quick dinner in my favorite fast-food. Darn chain letters! I had Work to do, and I wanted to get ahead to make sure I would have an evening available for more important things.

I posted it without much thinking or editing a few hours later as I wanted to "tag" ppl before others would swoop them up.

Job Done.
Onwards I went onto Real Things - my planned Date was very important to me!

Fluffy - this towel, like me, will remain fluffy, no matter how often you wash it :-)But maybe I am a bit of a Fluffy...
Afterwards it surprised me that those words, chosen "randomly" over a fast-food meal, describe Exactly how I want a Date to go. Let me re-visit them one by one.

  • Preparations: Mine are legendary. And several posters have Commented on them.

  • Respect: I try to invite real personalities, and I have great Respect for any Lady who endeavours "on the game".

  • Connection: I want to really connect to the Lady. And I greatly appreciate it when she returns the favour, real or acting (as long as I dont notice that it is acting, there is no difference!).

  • Tenderness: Essential for good inter-personal mechanics and that Deep and Satisfying Pleasure.

  • Longwinding: I do like to frollick for the full duration of our meeting.
    I never tire of tender treatment. The real reason I date Ladies is to be Close. To touch and to be touched. To kiss and be kissed. To love an to be loved. Of course, the qualification "longwinding" was given to me for my endlessly long postings where ppl fall asleep reading.

  • Soporific: The night sleep after a good meeting is Very Rewarding. (and yes, someone qualified my writings a soporific, but I dont blame her..)

Funny how my 6 words, impulsively jotted, were Spot On.

However, the Main Reason for this post is a Thank You!

This week I had one of those Very Memorable meetings with a Real Lady. And this is my way of saying :

"Thank You Darling - You are Mint!".

You know who you are, Take Well Care!

This one is Just for You! - And I hope we will meet again, Soon.


Anonymous said...
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Ptr_leeds said...
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Anonymous said...
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Ptr_leeds said...

That was Excellent.
Glad we got that resolved.
(School-) Holiday time I guess.
I've removed all previous comments. But looking forward to further nice comments.

I remember the saying: it is nice to be nice.
And I remember a funny comment on a group of people (lawyers?) in a certain restaurant.

But I cannot email you unless you leave some address.