Thursday, 12 June 2008

Have we been introduced ?

Hopelessly Romantic... (and I take that as a compliment)Someone remarked that the intro to this blog is getting out of date. This was correct. I have learned a lot and moved on a bit in the year and a half since I started these scribbles.

So here comes the June-2008 update.

I will leave the old intro in place just in the interest of history.

I could also refer to my six words post. It was done in a hurry, but to my own surprise, it was remarkebly on Target.

But What should a proper intro be?
And how can I write about myself without sounding too braggish and without giving away too much of my identity ? I often wish I had the talent that some of you Ladies seem to have. I do get the impression some of you are online-marketing consultants
doing a bit of fun on the side. It is amazing how much effort and talent is displayed at some sites/blogs.

Take a look at Dollymopp. A Great Site and a well done blog, showing lots of personality.

Or go and visit Olivia, who displays the most charming, educated elegance (with a distinctly pervy side too). To avoid rewriting my own intro, I was very tempted to just refer the readers to Livvy, who once summed me up quite flattering as deliciously pervy.

Check Aneris, who is Refreshingly fank in her goals and intentions. And she does write a Lot.

And Eleanor, who does a superb job of projecting her
image and her personality with a series of topical blog-entries that also serve to subtly educate her "chaps" on her likes and dislikes. Some of her entries are even short Poems and her text is always accompanied by well chosen (and watermarked) graphics.
Those Ladies are Artist in my book.

Time to renew my own feeble attempt at the "why" and the "what".

I know what the keywords are:
Fun, Respect, Opinions, Therapy, and (self)Advertizing.

Now I just have to put some meat on those bones (nononono, no pun intended - looks misprovingly at Livvy lewdly licking her lips...).

To Be Continued...


Aneris said...

And here I am, thinking that the succulent meat on my bones was enough! hahaha

Ptr_leeds said...

Your thumbnail piccie does look quite tasty Aneris!
Wets the appetite, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

I can see you are always diligently hard at work. ;-)

Ciao, ciao bello!