Monday, 9 June 2008

Hot and Sweet

Backlog of real-world work and blog-ideas. Patience.

click to see how I got the idea of Hot and Sweet... However, as I was finishing off and decided to make a cuppa (this hotel has an OK cooker, decent cups and even Earl Grey tea). And suddenly the Tea reminded me of a Special moment some weeks ago.

A rapid google for "tea" found this image of a tea-timer (didnt even know they existed) and I included it to keep my pervy-image up (hi Livvy.)

A good cuppa takes a bit of time, and it seems the further north you go, the stronger they prefer their tea.

But to do a very dear memory justice, a 2nd search for a proper "romantic tea for two", found the Video below. It only has one fault: There are not enough roses in it.

Now before I go all soddy like the biscuit, I'm off to hug my pillow. Long day tomorrow.

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