Friday, 13 June 2008


Ok, as promised, here is the new intro. It is not up-to-standards as set by some of the blog-artists I'm reading, but here goes...

Keywords still are:
Fun, Respect, Opinions, Therapy, and (self)Advertising.

There is something Very Erotic about trains and tunnels, Hitchcock knew that, judging from N by NW...The statements of the original intro still hold, I write this blog in the hope that it contributes to my pleasure, my Fun, and partly to impress some of the Ladies I meet. Some posts will simply be jokes or links to other items, fun or serious,
on the internet. And because I write most of the topics while on the road, this blog also serves to amuse me while sitting in trains, planes, and waiting rooms. It makes the trips more fun.

that very Erotic Dance....However, I realize full well that it takes two to perform a tango. I have the utmost Respect for the Ladies in this game.

Sometimes there are messages for Ladies in the posts, and I've hidden a few names in posts. Or simply a romantic video or a boquet of roses for my Regular.

And if I ever write something that seems disrespectful or harmful to a Lady, please let me know and I will re-consider it.

Over time, I found the blog to develop into a bit of a manifest. Many of the posts on here serve to show my ideas on how civilized Escorting should work and what type of Lady I think is best suited for the job. I tend to describe the type of Ladies with whom I seem to have the best meetings, but of course YMMV. See notably the series on The Right Lady, and my views on Quality. I still stand by those opinions.

I do not pretend to be knowledgeable and I dont want to impose my opinions forcefully. But if a one person picks up on an idea that work for them, then I have alreay done some good to this world.

The additional advantage of a blog over just board-postings is that these pages are censored by me and only me. Not by some moderator who often has his own agenda for running a local advertising monopoly-fiefdom. There will generally be one or more regional forums covering your area, but the risk of jealousy, bullying and local quarrels is higher on the regional boards as the participants tend to be a small group of close competitors.

Serious discussions should IMHO take place on discussion boards with a wide-reach and many frequent and credible participants. For good discussions (and some good laughs) on this "industry" in the UK I would currently (june '08) recommend to visit the Punterlink and Punternet forums.

This blog is my addition to some of the discussions as it sometimes helps or simply saves me typing, if I can link straight to a blog-entry that contains my opinion on the subject. For example, when "scripting" or "Quality" is discussed, I have ready-formulated pieces on those topics, and I can just post the link, often with a summary for those who dont want to click.

google can help ... ?Then there is the potential Therapy angle.

I'm only partly jokeing here.

By keeping a diary of sorts, I might actually learn a little about myself, my motivations and my path in life. I am just as self obsessed and narcistic as the next blogger. I hope the image is appropriate...

Finally the advertising angle needs clarification. I am not after freebies. That would never work. The infallible grapevine of working-women-only boards and jealous others would quickly put an end to my fun. And this is not a motoring-supplement of a local newsrag where "journos" and others in charge of "opinions" get to drive whatever they fancy (and possibly more) as long as they write up a free advert (I missed a job-opportunity there: car critic for a national newspaper, maby some paper is looking for a "personal services" critic...).

Click to see the whole chart. I do hope no one takes this graphic serious, but there are at least two messages in it...I see this blog more as a lonely-hearts advert. Some of the Ladies have indeed read a number of posts, and they sometimes read my ramblings on message boards too. It gives them an idea of the persona I am, and it displays my personal preferences. The blog shows my search for a meeting of minds as well as a meeting of bodies, and my dislike of what I consider un-natural or extreme acts.

This advertising-angle works!
I have met a number of VIPs (Very Intersing Persons) via this hobby who are active bloggers or board-posters themselves. On a number of occasions, notably with well established and confident indie-Ladies, our mutual internet-knowledge of the other has greatly helped the "click" and has increased the depth of our connection in the small window of time that is given to us (read: that I can afford). I want to notably pay tribute here to Xenia, an outstanding professional Lady, if ever I met one.
A Great Mind wrapped in a Delicious body.

But there is also to my Best-Ever Regular, with whom I have developed something very Special (she knows who she is, and so does her agent - Hi there!).
She inspired the articles on "The Right Lady" and "Qualtiy" and She has read up on my blog from time to time. It increases the Fun for both of us.

With her, it is Different.
And I am sure we would have an equally Great time, even if I never touched the internet. She is just .... Unbelievable.

Have I fallen ? Possibly. It is one of the risks of this activity. But it is a delicious drop in her arms. And we have always managed to keep the "barrier" in place: we do not intrude in one-anothers lives.

Thinking of You, and I hope to be back Soon Darling!


Simply Alexa said...

Sounds like your very special regular is a lucky lady! :-) (and you are a very busy man!) ;-)


Ptr_leeds said...

Alexa, Welcome back! Where in paradise have you been all the time? (no, dont tell, I dont need to know the naughty bits).

You have no idea how lucky I feel to have found Her!

I have met some wonderful partners through this hobby. And with a few I have quite a good connection, a good click. But there is one that stood out from the first few mintues we met, and still consistently stands out. And sometimes that scares me. We manage to remain discreet about eachothers lives and we keep proper barriers in place. But whenever we meet, I feel like I'm in a little corner of heaven. Do you think there is a corner reserved for sinners like us ?

I hestiate to blog/brag too much about those meetings, as they should remain private to both of us. But believe me, even in a provider/client relationship, there can be real depth. To an extend that I struggle to understand or describe.

Molti abbracci!

(having a good espresso here - finally!)

Simply Alexa said...

Grazie Sig. Leeds. :-) Yes…the naughty details of paradise I might have to keep those under wraps. Sounds as if you have found a little corner yourself and I just wonder if you will be able to keep it separate from your real lives…?

I believe love comes in to find us for a reason and when it does, whatever the form, whatever the circumstance, this event and the emotion is meant to be embraced. If you overdo it with the mental masturbation, you will lose it or chase it away and once you do that, love does not come knocking again for a while.

Take a deep breath and jump in and enjoy it; put your hand out and let the emotions take you and guide you; somewhere, somehow, there is a reason for the “season.”

Abbracci ed auguri!!!

Ptr_leeds said...

Di niente, signora Alexa.

And I appreciate your advice.
However, for the moment We will let "Reason" take the upper hand over "season" though.

Una buona notte!

The English Courtesan said...

Quality is exactly what you are, Ptr! The question of why people blog is something I find fascinating, so your list of fun, therapy and advertising was enlightening. It amuses me how similar that is to the motivations of most of the escort bloggers I know too.

No...wait a havent crossed over to the dark side have you...Ptr...Pamela...? :-)

Livvy xxx

Ptr_leeds said...

The Darks Side indeed.
I always go sit in shady part of the lobby to capture the wifi and to stay out of the bright sunlight. With the screen on "low", the battery can last me longer...

That wouldnt be you sitting diagonally opposite me, sending me naughty glances over a glass of dry martini ?

Slutty McWhore said...

As regards discussion boards, I've never really looked at many of the British ones (as I'm based in the US) but I am quite partial to Cait's Coven, which - if you don't already know - is located at Cait, the main moderator, seems to be really nice. Much fairer than most, and not at all on a massive ego trip (like most of the mods are).

On the whole, though, I can't stand message boards. I think they're mainly there for stupid sexist assholes to get together and talk about their sexual conquests as if they were sixteen again.

Ptr_leeds said...

Hello Miss McWhore,

I did read about you in the Herald, btw, and your blog-reaction to it. Well done!

And Caits oven has been mentioned to me before, I might just go and register.

CU around!

Sandy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ptr_leeds said...

Removed some spam.
Apologies to the regular readers.

At least earlier spam was from UK agencies with Good Looking Escorts on their books.

Now it seems I'm reduced to spam-target for male-enhancement gadgets. Touted by female-named merchants from the phillipines (hi guys, no disrespect, but please stay off my blog)

Dont they realize what an insult that is ??

Buenos Aires Guide said...

Hehe, just hehe :)