Tuesday, 3 June 2008

To Be Continued.

Sorry Everybody... (there is even a website by that name...)Please accept my apologies, as my blog is a bit erratic these days, time, life, real world etc... But I do try to keep up reading my bloglist (Hi there Alexa, Aneris, Livvy, Sue, no worries, you are never far from my mind - x !). I am after all just a little curious.

Doesnt she look Lovely! (although I do think she looks older then the average schoolgirl, but hey: I'm not into schoolgirl fantasies)In clicking about, I came across the Cartoon-preview from Dollymopp.That rang a bell! And after my hommage, I am on a bit of an Art-Trip. Remember that I have sometimes called "Personal Services" a form of Art?

As for the Artist we know as Dollymopp, I already thought Dollymopp resembled Kelly, the head-girl of St Trinians (2007). I disagree with the critics, it was an OK movie to watch, and I dont say that because I am a pervert. It was a funny, comical, feelgood movie! Fun to Watch and with some nice examples of female Empowerment at that. Soundbites like "It is no use relying on the grown ups, we need to sort this ourselves" tend to stay with you. And the tune stayed in my head for days.

I found this quite an Erotic Pose..., something about getting your gun off...Then there was the striking resemblance to the bad-girl in Indiana Jones IV.
Again, I disagree with the critics, the movie is Fine. Truly Indiana Jones, including the end.
I willl be an Indie Fan even when they decide to do a pre-quell after indie-XIII flops, if only because Karen Allen was an early crush of mine!

But cartoons..., that opens up a whole new set of possibilities ....
Can we expect a TBC series with Her Dollymoppness ? I'll be (c)licking from time2time.

In the mean time, her teaser-cartoon has awakened my ancient hobby: Cartoons, or in frech: BDs (no, not what you perverts think). Although this was a nice trouvaille...

To Be Continued....


The English Courtesan said...

Well helloooooooo Ptr my dear! I too am erratic but I too read you. In fact that's almost a poem which surely counts as Art just like...no, that would be gratuitously lewd... ;-)

I am squealing with laughter at this post - so that's why I find Dolly Mopp so saucily enticing! Sometimes I think you know me better than I know my filthy pervy self...

Livvy xxx

P.S. Ah yes. That would be because you are A Perv. Albeit A Delicious Perv.

Ptr_leeds said...

(improvising after long week...)

Dear Livvy,

As you can see,
in the artsy department
Im not able to comment.
But I am a great fan of both B and D.

I know, I know, I s**k at higher art forms,
will just stick (..) to simple things.

Pervily yours,

Anonymous said...

Ah my favorite fan, you remind me to get back to posting and I will; am hoping the erratic behvior of mine will wane as the weeks go by and I can see what is going on with the other side in my world. ;-)

Thinking of you always.

Ptr_leeds said...

Oh Alexa, Grazie Mille for stopping by again. I do hope you are OK, and I am glued (well, daily clicked) to your blog to see how an when your narratives surface again.

Hugs and Snoglets Your Way!

Anonymous said...

Grazie caro! I am taking your advice and have started a new one so keep your knickers on (well, you know, just for a little while) ;-) and stay tuned! Watch your inbox.


Aneris said...

HmmpH! You had better pay me a bit more of attention Ptr, or you will be getting the papers form the barrister! (Yes, Livvy will be handling our divorce if you do not be good to me! Sniff!)

Thanks for throwing a crumb earlier. Ruffian in a tux, you!

Ptr_leeds said...


I do apologize darling.
Yes I konw we had agreed I would accompany you to 2 social web-do-items every month, and Yes, I have been a bit too busy.

And No, I haven not been Quintuple-timing with other escort-bloggers. Just too busy working - need bacon to pay hobby, remember.

But if this latest deal falls through, I promise, we will have more time to write/spend togetehr. Anjd we can go shopping for organic food together again. Looking forward to some Spicy moments with you.

(now scuffles back to work...)