Friday, 25 July 2008

so many topics, so little time.

There are a number of topics waiting for a write-up on, but I don't seem to have enough train-time these days.
Item like like "The Bliss of Regulars",
the fact that "Escorting is the new Temp-Job",
or why I still think "Part-Time Yummi-Mummies - PTYMs" are the most delicious Escorts I've met.

But as I look at another week of car-traffic-mahem, I'll just opt for the lazy solution: Links!

On the topic of "The Right Lady", alllow me to point to this good discussion on Punternet-forum

And although I probably wouldn't like the guy if I met him, I am glad Max won his battle with TNOTW, Interesting details here.

Now, in my real-world, I came across this cartoon, that I duly nicked to show on here: go on, (c)lick it...

See where this takes you....(no post is complete without a link to...)

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chevalierdallas said...

When you have some time . . . tag, you're it. :)

See here: