Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Romantic Kiss

This picture clicks through to the wikipedia-entry on Kissing...Chevalier pointed to a topic on Kissing recently, but in my opinion the original was a little over the top. Literary.

On reading it, I Wondered about the Godelian kiss though. Should it take you into another dimension? That is exactly what a good date does...

To balance the seriousness of Chev's original post, I would like to propose more attention for the Romantic kiss.

Forget all the literature and science.
I think a kiss is supposed to bring two people together. To bond them, to make them melt, fuse.

A romantic kiss follows from good chemistry and enhances the intimacy.

A romantic kiss transmits desire as well as Respect.

A romantic kiss shows affection, appreciation.

A romantic kiss celebrates the meeting of minds as well as bodies.

A romantic kiss is savored, relished. It is a Delicacy.

A romantic kiss can be a prelude to bliss or a desperate last goodbye - with hope for later...

A romantic kiss will Always be remembered.

She knows who she is!


Aneris said...

A good kiss is precious. Sigh...

Ptr_leeds said...

Very, Very Precious indeed.

Ledell said...

This is great info to know.

Ptr_leeds said...

welcome ledell,
and glad you liked it.