Wednesday, 13 August 2008

tags and blog games

That time of the year again: I got tagged by Chevalier.

NB: Apologies is this one is a bit of rush job, I'll try to beautify it later this week.

The tag-games between bloggers, are like chain-letters.

If you want to play, it goes like this:
- Some fellow blogger tags you.
- you go read his blog: there will be an explanation like this, and "the mission"
- you do "the mission" : generally write up a list and tag 1 or more others.
- you post your writing on you own blog, while linking back to your tagger.
- you go and put comment on the bloggers you tagged (Targeted!)
- you wait for the links and comments to come back.

- you get comments and links, sometimes from unexpected corners
- a good "mission" good forces you to think before you write.
- if you are lucky, bloggers and readers with similar interests discover you, and you discover others that make you think.

- it eats into your time (I have a lot going on, and it Is holiday time).
- you need to search victims, and the exploding numerals mean a lot of your blog-friends may be tagged already.

So here is my list of FIVE things I'm GRATEFUL for:

- Trains. They get me around, and allow time to think and write.

- Laptops. Ideal for communication and allow me to work almost anywhere.

- Internet. Ditto. Changed my life.

- My Wife and Kids. I have a very nice family with very little trouble at the domestic front.

- My Favorite Regular. She knows who she is. Long may we meet.

Now for the tags. I need to go and find 5 untagged victims in the blogosphere. And some of my latest blog-roll additions do not allow comments, hence I have to mail them and I hope they want to play.

- DollyMopp. Hope she comes back to life after posting "I'm Alive" on her blog.

- Burlesque Honey. Another blogger who seems to be on summer-break.

- Josephine. Strumpet and Sensual.

- Lara. Rambling on in the nicest possible way, Currently doing London from Fulham.

- Penny. See what else she can be passionate about.

There you are!

With apologies for those I have not (yet) tagged. You may be victims on the next episode.

And if any of you dont like blog-tag-chain-letters: no offence. I understand, and I have declined a few of those tags myself in the past.

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