Friday, 12 September 2008

Escorts and Regulars: blessing or curse ?

Several pointers prompted this topic to re-surface. There was This Thread on Punternet where several writers questioned the advantages of regulars. It was mentioned that a regulars can easily turn into hard-work-dates. Possibly because a regular is tempted to abuse his loyal-client status. And an infatuated or disillusioned regular can become a stalker.

and Jenny pointed out something similar, whereby active board-posters or internet-players (that could be me) become too friendly and try to abuse their position.

And there was Belle/Billie who stated that Regulars, depicted with flowers, a bottle and a happy smile, are "The ones that make this job really worthwhile.." (boy did I feel flattered when I heard that...)

There has also been some bickering over what constitutes a "regular". Some clients have met someone 10 or more times and start to consider themselves "regular", whereas others think you can be regular after the 2nd meeting.

Myself, I once stated: after 3rd meeting, and if the experience consistently improves on each subsequent meeting, I'd consider a Lady to be a "regular".

But there is much more to a regular then just Frequency or bedroom-mechanics. Personally, I now consider someone a regular if we have met repeatedly and if we get along really well on various levels. There has to be a genuine sympathy, a connection, a deepening of the relationship, and a clear and honest appreciation from both sides.

This Rose is for YouFor example, I have had extensive email-exchanges with some Ladies and I would gladly, with their permission, brand them as "regular" after one or two promising meetings.

Question to the Lady Readers: I am quite curious to hear the Ladies define "regular". And what are your opinions on a "good" regular are (if such a thing exists at all).

Meanwhile: Cheers to my All-time Favorite. You know who you are, and I hope you are doing Well!


Sarah said...

Regular clients are guys who come back and see me more than once.

IF I define a regular to another girl as in "I have an appointment with one of my regulars" it will mean for me that I know what he likes, and we are comfortable in one another's company... in short I feel safe with him.

The regulars who stay regular are guys I like.

One drawback of seeing regulars, is that some of them can take advantage and become over familiar, perhaps saying things that are way out of order, but familiarity can breed over- familiarity,complacency and contempt at times; things can be said which are cheeky and out of order making the appointments tedious for me.
In cases like this, I bin them.

Give me the occasional regular every time!

Ptr_leeds said...

Welcome Back Sarah!
And a spot on comment too.

I'll mirror that one: "Regulars who stay regulars are Ladies I like."

As for the over-familiarity, I recognize that as well. As a "client", I'm also weary of letting Ladies enter my own private life too much.
But I would say: There are two of you, and any boundary crossed is done together.

Jenny DeMilo said...

Hi thanks for the Nod :)
I look forward to reading more of your blog.

Regular can be an ambiguous term and hotly debated much like the term GFE. My personal definition is someone i see more then a few times. I dont usually put a time frame on it (like many do) because i tend to see a lot of travelers so when they are in LA the see me but they dont live here so its not like they have the option to see me more often.

The danger with regs is blurring the line (could happen for either side)im less at risk with this because i have a primary relationship that makes my blurring the line between client and provider much less possible but i have had to decline to see someone in an intimate way because the relationship had changed into one of enduring and real friendship.

we manage expectations all the time this is just another less talked about way we manage them. When you're dealing in intimacy its easy for lines to get blurred. You have to be on your guard and watch for the signs.

great topic!

Ptr_leeds said...

Welcome Jenny.

Thanks for the comment, and I agree with you. I hope to elaborate on the topic in a few weeks, but firdt I must attend some real life events.

I was happy to discover your blog (via Chev) and look forward to reading more and exchanging some opinions