Monday, 1 September 2008

flattering picture

ok, since the PN MB does not support embedded picures,
and a direct link from on there didnt seem to work.

Here is the picture in question:

The Governateress - doesnt she look Cute?

nb: No, I'm not a republican.
I'm Independent!

And I disagree with just a bout all of her Views.
But you got to hand it to her: she appeals to home-town USA.
And I would probably like her if we ever met.
And she looks Nice!

1 comment:

Sucre Bebe said...

Not only is she pretty but she is trim after having a passel of kids , plus she works hard to take care of them and the man.

I am sure she is a dream come to life for some post-modern men who like a woman that "pulls her own weight."

You know my feelings are the opposite, however. I am outdated, perhaps.