Sunday, 14 September 2008

Recommended reading : Listen to Sex Workers.

A Quicky: Whatever your motivation for clicking/entering here,
click over to this letter in the Independent (a serious UK newspaper) by Catherine Stephens from the IUSW.

She clearly cites serious, government sponsored, research that shows that the industry is NOT saturated with underage and trafficed peopole. She then argues why it should not be pushed underground or criminialized.

Interesting Quote:

As part of the Government's review, Vernon Coaker met with a group of 21 sex workers, who between them had over 250 years' experience of selling sex. All described how the law endangers them and had broadly positive experience of clients. It is time campaigning organisations and the Government itself prioritised sex workers' safety over ideology and moral judgement, and listened to the voice of people from the industry.

Recommended reading in these days when a "moral-majority" (I doubt that marjority-claim) in the UK tries to impose restrictive legislation on sex work.


The English Courtesan said...

I'm with you on this Ptr. Driving prostitution underground is driving women into the hands of pimps.

Controversially, I'm actually for introducing certain aspects of regulation, such as compulsory STD testing for escorts, but with a view to legalisation.

Livvy xxx

Ptr_leeds said...

The Luscious Livy!
Nice to see yo again.
I can understand you wanting compulsory testing, but from my own experiences with "regulation", I would be Very reluctant to enforce anything. Government and law-enforcement have more urgent matters to attend. I understand the H+S aspect is important, but IMHO it is not Compelling. It is not quite akin to, say, sood-safety as it touches a much smaller (?) part of the population. My position would be "legalize" or "tolerate" the industry first. Leave it to the responsabilty of individual people first. Then let us see if any further regulation is required.
And it may even be that some self-regulatory springs up automatically. A (voluntary) certificate of frequent checks via some professional body could be start?
Food for thought.

Dollymopp said...

Here is another recommended read..

Ptr_leeds said...

Thanks Dollymopp.
I had also seen that one on a messageboard. Lara got some good Thumbs-up on that article from the PNMB crowd. But as my blog was already out, and as I am a tad busy I had not bothered yet.
My ommision.

nb: you wouldnt know of some newspaper-clipping site/service that keeps track of all the "bizz" related items ?

Maglor said...

In answer to a clipping service, nope I don't know any, but I would suggest Google News and Blog alerts. Unfortunately it captures so much American news, and sometimes misses the UK news.

If you want to here what is happening in parliament, then set up alerts in That will alert you next day to the searched word in speeches and written questions.

Finally I am for a decriminalize approach which would decriminalize pimps, brothels and brothel keepers and agencies. All would then fall under Health and Safety, employment law and planning regulation.