Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Regulars - An affair without the downsides.

lovely picture, need to find worthy target to link it to...For those who doubted it from my previous post: I am solidly in the Pro-Regular camp.

I Adore my regulars, and I am in the illusion that they like me. I hope they don't find me hard work. If they simply like me because I am easy-money, then that is fine with me too. As long as they make the meeting enjoyable to both of us.

I have stated this in earlier writings: Good Courtesanship and Good Acting are forms of Art that I can appreciate. And with a select few, I have the near certainty that the sympathy is mutual.

A "Regular" in a play4pay relationship is something you need to develop together. Both parties must be willing and able to enter into something Special. Something that will grow into more then just the first-sight-sympathy and the bedroom mechanics. It is possibly dangerous, but if you "let it happen" it can be very rewarding.

When you get to know a person a little better, good meetings can turn into Fantastic Meetings. There is the additional comfort of knowing the likes and dislikes of the other. ParadiseGirl22 provided the ultimate statements on the "regular" right here.

A good regular really does come very close to what a passionate affair must be like. And meeting a lovely and talented person make me feel all young and giddy again (yeah, I know, midlife crises etc...). A good regular Lady is indeed almost an Affair, but if both of you play the game correctly, it is an affair without the downsides and with much less risk.

A regular, especially one who does the GirlFriendExperience, is a "relation in a box". I have actually once seen a Lady described as "an affair on Legs", and I though that was rather appropriate: She was indeed Very Good! I could see why men would fall for her. I probably fell for her.

couldnt resist linking to this movie....Now, admittedly, most clients (and some Ladies) are in this bizz to avoid all the downsides that come with a real-world "relationship" or an affair. There is a lot of truth in the saying "you pay the Lady to go away afterward" (find source, link). And some of the more adventurous Ladies in this business may also tell you that they prefer this over proper Boyfriends to avoid stalking after the affair is over.

The reader may have noticed that I have not yet elaborated the downside and the risk of regulars. I'll give that a good thought, and continue on the topic later.


Sucre Bebe said...

Thank you for explaining it all so well, Ptr. I am sure your regular friends do enjoy your company as much as your folding paper kindness.

I just heard the "you pay her to go away" adage on the radio today. Hmmm.

Ptr_leeds said...

It all depends on what we are looking for and how we happen to be conditioned.

In my case, She is indeed a dream come true.

But you are definitely not outdated!

Sucre Bebe said...

Ptr, you on on your way to becoming a Sugar Daddy! Oooo, watch out!