Monday, 20 October 2008


Rush jobby blog.

Seriously, I need to Relax.

After a hectic last week (dont ask), I caught a very sore throat, or "a lurgy" as they say up north. The Painful flying tells me my nose will also play up soon. But I cant just cancel trips because I have a sore throat.

And I'm now facing the rest of the week in commuter-traffic-jams and low-class hotels. And all that driving leaves me No time to seriously work on my backlog of reviews and blog-topic. Or even to follow my blogosphere buddies, courtesans and Artists.

I soo need one of these:

Anyways, I'm prolly off the net for a bit (catch my clicks when you can). Yall take care now, and see you around. Laterz


Dollymopp said...

It's not a lurvy, it's 'the lurgy', hahaa. A lurvy would be something nice!

Ptr_leeds said...

Hey, what do I know.
I hear northerners and southerners call things funny names and I can never resist poking fun of them.

And would not a lurgy, by any other name, be just as inconvenient ?

Will adjust thought.

Snow White said...

There is a wicked little virus out there and I caught it as well although this one was strange because the sore throat lasted 1 day and the nose was going by that evening. Hopefully you have this strain, which lasts 4 days with day 3 as the worst. I did a wicked thing that worked...gargled with vinegar and a dash of it horrid but works a miracle on the sore throat.

Good luck and hang in there! :-)

Ptr_leeds said...

Welcome Back Snowy!

I take it the vinegar was produced from your own land hence the miracle.

Nice to see you're still there and make sure you Hang in there Yourself.

Ciao Bella!