Wednesday, 19 November 2008


The title, part of the text in the top of your browser-window: it is (was) moving...
got this from a friend, a real tweaker.

Nice ?
Keep it or remove it ?
Anyone want a copy of the trick ?

Sunday, 9 November 2008

large Tree and flowering cherries.

Rampant Gardener... For obvious reason, this picture is Not taken anywhere near my houseLivvy seems to be on a (pervy?) autumn topic of quirrels and underwear. And Burlesque "lovin is her business" Honey is also in a most charming Rant Mode concerning autumn holidays.

It is the season. And I dont want to remain behind. So here is my autumnal-seasonal topic. And this topic is not pervy at all, despite the inevitable allusions that can be made with regards to large trees and cherries... (queue remarks from Livvy....)

Now I happen to have This tree in front of my house, a Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea (european beech), and it is Greatly Appreciated. I'll try to include a picture to illustrate how nice these specimen can be. When they built the house, they made the effort to conserve the tree. And with brilliant result. The tree gives a magnificent Cachet to the whole home-garden-driveway combination. It is also located south of the main part of the house and thus Ideal for shade in the summer. The previous owner(s) also had it cut so that you can park cars on the gravel-driveway underneath it, but I try to discourage that.

Displaying its grandeur and its obvious seniority over all of us (the house, its inhabitants and the ugly-parked cars, despite my NO Parking policy), the Tree in winter will graciously let the rays of sunshine reach through into the living and dining area. Thus providing us the illusion of warmth (helped by a nice woodfire for which I have to chop the blocks - good excercise, but often a lot of work, different story).

So my Rant ?

leaves and nuts of this species are all over my guttering and gravel-driveway, and they turn into muddy-humus, excellent compost, but not nice to slush through in winter.Eternal leaves! Every autumn the leaves and nuts of His Majesty, who is considerably taller then the highest guttering, must be removed before they clog up the drainpipes. This is risky business, as some of the walls require a 3-piece ladder.

You may think: fine, so he has to climb a ladder four times per year. Getting high-up is a speciality of Ptr, and a few trips up a ladder are a small price to pay for such a magnificent Tree? But the leaves (and nuts) of His Beechness, and those of the japanese flowering cherry always seem to fall at times when I'm not around. I have to find time to clean out the guttering and rake the driveway before it turns all mucky. Extending that ladder can be fun and a bit adventurous in a way, but rakeing up all the leaves is just tedious work. Anyway... more on the leaves and the rakeing later. Due to all that cleanup-work I still have to go out and chop some firewood for the evening.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Fun and Links

The picture clicks through to another Autumn-topicHigh time for some lighter topics to forget the autumn-gloom from my last post.

My follow-up on regulars will have to wait a bit, but it is still lingering in the corridor.

Livvy did a nice seasonal topic on squirrels. Very appropriate for the time of year, but who is Livvy accusing of being pervy ? I guess size doesnt matter anymore eh?

Slightly more serious: I want to send my Thank You to Rhia Charles from down south for a nice link to my blog. This lady deserves a Salute for keeping a very nice blog with a large range of topics. Her items range from historic courtesans to Farming/DJ jokes and anoraky-pervy-topics on the ideal bum size.
Looks like Rhia will not run out of things to write soon.

And on a related light note, Dollymopp pointed out this topic on blogging and prostitution.

Admittedly, I have this twinge of jealousy for all you talented and creative Ladies out there. You have time to surf the internet in search of amusing topics to blog about. Thanks for sharing your findings. Keep going Ladies. I'll catch up later.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Need some Tender Love and Care

This may be my most pathetic post yet.

Usually, I like my working life.
I'm often free like the wind, buzzing around the UK and the continent on trains and planes, with plenty of thinking time, eating well, staying in OK hotels.

This is what last week looked like...But the last two weeks, I have been stuck in commuter traffic by car nearly every day. I was (am) totally exhausted this weekend. At dinnertime (today is Sunday), I'll be taking off (by road) for a soso hotel without proper internet access. And most of next week too will be spent in unpredictable trafficjams on drab foreign roads in between unpolite foreign drivers. And it will Rain.

This was a Really Nice expedition to drive...Ten years ago, I used to love driving everywhere, and discover whole regions myself. Even non-glamourous areas were interesting to drive around in, I just enjoyed the roaming, and I often took pictures to amuse myself. But whether it is the increased traffic-density, the latest really-dire location, or just my age, I no longer take pleasure in motoring around. Give me a relaxed train any time.

Add to that the gloomy season, and the fact that I have not had a good cuddle for quite a while now, and a slight depression hits me like the cold weather.

And I really miss my All Time Favorite.
I Miss the cuddles, the cosy comfort, the familiar gestures, those delicious endless kisses, her facial expressions, the romantic dinners discussing down-home items while admiring her every move, even the hardly noticable gentle smell of her lotion or fragrance... The Special times we had together.
I really miss Her.

Anyway, This one is for You. For all the good memories.
(I have just discovered that youtube is disabling a lot of my favorite videos, will try to fix....)

This was the music, not the same video...(youtube keeps removing the (c) material)
meanwhile, here is an alternative link. And here are the lyrics.

And this music: Everything I do...

And here is to Hope! It may be Sooner or Later, but I Will return.

Until we meet again, Take Care!