Thursday, 6 November 2008

Fun and Links

The picture clicks through to another Autumn-topicHigh time for some lighter topics to forget the autumn-gloom from my last post.

My follow-up on regulars will have to wait a bit, but it is still lingering in the corridor.

Livvy did a nice seasonal topic on squirrels. Very appropriate for the time of year, but who is Livvy accusing of being pervy ? I guess size doesnt matter anymore eh?

Slightly more serious: I want to send my Thank You to Rhia Charles from down south for a nice link to my blog. This lady deserves a Salute for keeping a very nice blog with a large range of topics. Her items range from historic courtesans to Farming/DJ jokes and anoraky-pervy-topics on the ideal bum size.
Looks like Rhia will not run out of things to write soon.

And on a related light note, Dollymopp pointed out this topic on blogging and prostitution.

Admittedly, I have this twinge of jealousy for all you talented and creative Ladies out there. You have time to surf the internet in search of amusing topics to blog about. Thanks for sharing your findings. Keep going Ladies. I'll catch up later.


Dollymopp said...

I'm afraid that I didn't see this article at all, this is news to me!
This journo hasn't actually mentioned the source either, but the plaque is really on the front door of Sebastian Horsely's house. I read his book, and he published his address, so that's how I got the photo. I will have a read of the article now though!

Ptr_leeds said...

Hi Dolly,
Nice to see you again.

You are right: the links dont mention the source or author of the sign. Let me fix that by pointing to some explanation here. And a polite Salute to Sebastian, if he is reading.

When I googled the wordings from the sign, there was a multitude of hits. And I specifically choose the Guardian article because it pointed out how blogs can be abused for PR. Many bloggers actually "porstitute" their blogs for PR purposes. Hence the link to the article and the part-ironic, part-serious mention of prostitution.

Both in this bizz of ours, and in my real life, I see how word-of-mouth, gossip, and blogs are being abused for PR purposes. Nothing new really. Just PR Business as Usual. but couldnt resist to point out the pun.

Dont google or click for it, but if you ever come across a certain ][enkie-blog, you will see a nice example of link- and click-harvesting. Needless to say I prefer the "true" prostitutes to some of the lower internet life-forms.

As for my own links, I will link to whomever I like. Proof positive is that I link to many Ladies I've nver met, and never will meet. I link to what I think is entertaining, interesting, or valueable.

The English Courtesan said...

Pervy, you Ptr? Would I ever suggest a thing like that?

Bending over in hope of a little spanking,

Livvy xxx