Sunday, 2 November 2008

Need some Tender Love and Care

This may be my most pathetic post yet.

Usually, I like my working life.
I'm often free like the wind, buzzing around the UK and the continent on trains and planes, with plenty of thinking time, eating well, staying in OK hotels.

This is what last week looked like...But the last two weeks, I have been stuck in commuter traffic by car nearly every day. I was (am) totally exhausted this weekend. At dinnertime (today is Sunday), I'll be taking off (by road) for a soso hotel without proper internet access. And most of next week too will be spent in unpredictable trafficjams on drab foreign roads in between unpolite foreign drivers. And it will Rain.

This was a Really Nice expedition to drive...Ten years ago, I used to love driving everywhere, and discover whole regions myself. Even non-glamourous areas were interesting to drive around in, I just enjoyed the roaming, and I often took pictures to amuse myself. But whether it is the increased traffic-density, the latest really-dire location, or just my age, I no longer take pleasure in motoring around. Give me a relaxed train any time.

Add to that the gloomy season, and the fact that I have not had a good cuddle for quite a while now, and a slight depression hits me like the cold weather.

And I really miss my All Time Favorite.
I Miss the cuddles, the cosy comfort, the familiar gestures, those delicious endless kisses, her facial expressions, the romantic dinners discussing down-home items while admiring her every move, even the hardly noticable gentle smell of her lotion or fragrance... The Special times we had together.
I really miss Her.

Anyway, This one is for You. For all the good memories.
(I have just discovered that youtube is disabling a lot of my favorite videos, will try to fix....)

This was the music, not the same video...(youtube keeps removing the (c) material)
meanwhile, here is an alternative link. And here are the lyrics.

And this music: Everything I do...

And here is to Hope! It may be Sooner or Later, but I Will return.

Until we meet again, Take Care!


Sarah said...

Wow! and I thought you were a punter!

Ptr_leeds said...

Re-Hi Sarah,

Wow-yourself, and I thought you were a flossie. Smiling right back at you.

But Yeah, I am a punter indeed, I pay for the Fun + Frollicks.

But punters dont just have wallets, they have feelings too, as you well know!

As you probably realize, I have seen many good providers. Have seen some Truly Excellent providers. Greatly enjoyed most of the experiences.

And I cannot help to have a real sympathy for some of my "regulars".

The payment and the boundaries where always there to enable both of us to walk away. Safely!
You yourself have posted on this topic a few times.

I hope She is OK.
Acutally, as far as I know her,
I am confident She will be Fine.

And me?
I still pretend to have myself under control, and I can hardly wait to get back...

Sarah said...

You know why I said that !

You just keep it under control and you shall be fine!

la la la !

The English Courtesan said...

Awww, Ptr, I have just been catching up and am sorry to hear you were feeling down. Like you, I manage to avoid the daily commute some of the time but when I do hit it, and especially when I have to do it for a few weeks or months, I'm horrified. How do people do this on a daily basis?

That is such a lovely account of your Regular. I hope she reads it and gives you a little extra on your return! :-)

Livvy xxx

Ptr_leeds said...

Thanks Livvy. Commuting...

As for my regular, well, she reads here from time to time. She knows how I feel.

(ptr waves to both)