Wednesday, 19 November 2008


The title, part of the text in the top of your browser-window: it is (was) moving...
got this from a friend, a real tweaker.

Nice ?
Keep it or remove it ?
Anyone want a copy of the trick ?


Dollymopp said...

All you need now is Livvy's Disco Boobs and you're all set for Xmas!

I'd like that one mines! x

Imogen said...

No, no! Although very clever, and I am impressed, but it's a tad annoying lol!

Imogen xxx

Sucre Bebe said...

Ptr! Thanks for your comment.

Yes, share your rolling scrolling thingy with me.

Ptr_leeds said...

Dolly, you got mail! The disco-boobs might be a bit to much for me, but I did consider a discreet "Dollymopp" tatooed somewhere naughty.

Imogen, I have indeed removed the scrolling title, it got to my nerves too in the end, and it might slow down the appearing of the page.

Sugar, you are most welcome, I enjoy reading your exploits. Expect a call when I'm around, and we'll do some sharing.