Saturday, 20 December 2008

Hot Activity in Recession

Something, or rather someone, is HOT allright.

This Lady, who used to work for a merchant bank a long time ago, picked up 247 men in one month. Her friend even managed 295 in a week!

When I read that column (catching up on my paper-work), my first reaction was: Damn, I missed one Great Opportunity (mind you, I wouldnt use anything like Illicit Encounters, for reasons explained below).

The Lady in question, on whom I have always had this secret crush, spent a sabattical month online collecting boyfriends under the pseudoniem of Sophie Scribe. The resulting column (read it here) contains some wonderful observations on the shady world of no-strings-attached meetings.

Another favorite column of hersIt seems that since September, the number of London-based males in the financial sector registering with this site has risen by 300 percent.

One of the possible conclusions is that the Credit Crunch (as we nowadays call the recession) seems to increase the demand for Hugs or intimacy.

I disagree with one statement though. John Quelch, professor of marketing at Harvard Business School, states that the bankers go in search for online fun because they are addicted to Risk-Taking.

This may be true for the Bankers, but I actually chose to go the "Working Lady" route to avoid the risk of an affair.
But then, I may not know myself well enough.
I'll discuss with my Favorite Regular on the next meeting.

Meanwhile, are any of the blog-visitors regulars of Lucy (of her column, I mean) ?


The English Courtesan said...

Sorry Ptr, no time for a proper comment - there are 230,000 adulterers waiting for me over at Illicit Encounters! Off to do a little lewdy leering of my own... :-)

Livvy xxx

Ptr_leeds said...

Hi Livvy!
I think I'll add Illicit Encounters to my list if good intentions for this year.
See You There (catch me if you can).

Anonymous said...

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