Friday, 13 June 2008


Ok, as promised, here is the new intro. It is not up-to-standards as set by some of the blog-artists I'm reading, but here goes...

Keywords still are:
Fun, Respect, Opinions, Therapy, and (self)Advertising.

There is something Very Erotic about trains and tunnels, Hitchcock knew that, judging from N by NW...The statements of the original intro still hold, I write this blog in the hope that it contributes to my pleasure, my Fun, and partly to impress some of the Ladies I meet. Some posts will simply be jokes or links to other items, fun or serious,
on the internet. And because I write most of the topics while on the road, this blog also serves to amuse me while sitting in trains, planes, and waiting rooms. It makes the trips more fun.

that very Erotic Dance....However, I realize full well that it takes two to perform a tango. I have the utmost Respect for the Ladies in this game.

Sometimes there are messages for Ladies in the posts, and I've hidden a few names in posts. Or simply a romantic video or a boquet of roses for my Regular.

And if I ever write something that seems disrespectful or harmful to a Lady, please let me know and I will re-consider it.

Over time, I found the blog to develop into a bit of a manifest. Many of the posts on here serve to show my ideas on how civilized Escorting should work and what type of Lady I think is best suited for the job. I tend to describe the type of Ladies with whom I seem to have the best meetings, but of course YMMV. See notably the series on The Right Lady, and my views on Quality. I still stand by those opinions.

I do not pretend to be knowledgeable and I dont want to impose my opinions forcefully. But if a one person picks up on an idea that work for them, then I have alreay done some good to this world.

The additional advantage of a blog over just board-postings is that these pages are censored by me and only me. Not by some moderator who often has his own agenda for running a local advertising monopoly-fiefdom. There will generally be one or more regional forums covering your area, but the risk of jealousy, bullying and local quarrels is higher on the regional boards as the participants tend to be a small group of close competitors.

Serious discussions should IMHO take place on discussion boards with a wide-reach and many frequent and credible participants. For good discussions (and some good laughs) on this "industry" in the UK I would currently (june '08) recommend to visit the Punterlink and Punternet forums.

This blog is my addition to some of the discussions as it sometimes helps or simply saves me typing, if I can link straight to a blog-entry that contains my opinion on the subject. For example, when "scripting" or "Quality" is discussed, I have ready-formulated pieces on those topics, and I can just post the link, often with a summary for those who dont want to click.

google can help ... ?Then there is the potential Therapy angle.

I'm only partly jokeing here.

By keeping a diary of sorts, I might actually learn a little about myself, my motivations and my path in life. I am just as self obsessed and narcistic as the next blogger. I hope the image is appropriate...

Finally the advertising angle needs clarification. I am not after freebies. That would never work. The infallible grapevine of working-women-only boards and jealous others would quickly put an end to my fun. And this is not a motoring-supplement of a local newsrag where "journos" and others in charge of "opinions" get to drive whatever they fancy (and possibly more) as long as they write up a free advert (I missed a job-opportunity there: car critic for a national newspaper, maby some paper is looking for a "personal services" critic...).

Click to see the whole chart. I do hope no one takes this graphic serious, but there are at least two messages in it...I see this blog more as a lonely-hearts advert. Some of the Ladies have indeed read a number of posts, and they sometimes read my ramblings on message boards too. It gives them an idea of the persona I am, and it displays my personal preferences. The blog shows my search for a meeting of minds as well as a meeting of bodies, and my dislike of what I consider un-natural or extreme acts.

This advertising-angle works!
I have met a number of VIPs (Very Intersing Persons) via this hobby who are active bloggers or board-posters themselves. On a number of occasions, notably with well established and confident indie-Ladies, our mutual internet-knowledge of the other has greatly helped the "click" and has increased the depth of our connection in the small window of time that is given to us (read: that I can afford). I want to notably pay tribute here to Xenia, an outstanding professional Lady, if ever I met one.
A Great Mind wrapped in a Delicious body.

But there is also to my Best-Ever Regular, with whom I have developed something very Special (she knows who she is, and so does her agent - Hi there!).
She inspired the articles on "The Right Lady" and "Qualtiy" and She has read up on my blog from time to time. It increases the Fun for both of us.

With her, it is Different.
And I am sure we would have an equally Great time, even if I never touched the internet. She is just .... Unbelievable.

Have I fallen ? Possibly. It is one of the risks of this activity. But it is a delicious drop in her arms. And we have always managed to keep the "barrier" in place: we do not intrude in one-anothers lives.

Thinking of You, and I hope to be back Soon Darling!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Have we been introduced ?

Hopelessly Romantic... (and I take that as a compliment)Someone remarked that the intro to this blog is getting out of date. This was correct. I have learned a lot and moved on a bit in the year and a half since I started these scribbles.

So here comes the June-2008 update.

I will leave the old intro in place just in the interest of history.

I could also refer to my six words post. It was done in a hurry, but to my own surprise, it was remarkebly on Target.

But What should a proper intro be?
And how can I write about myself without sounding too braggish and without giving away too much of my identity ? I often wish I had the talent that some of you Ladies seem to have. I do get the impression some of you are online-marketing consultants
doing a bit of fun on the side. It is amazing how much effort and talent is displayed at some sites/blogs.

Take a look at Dollymopp. A Great Site and a well done blog, showing lots of personality.

Or go and visit Olivia, who displays the most charming, educated elegance (with a distinctly pervy side too). To avoid rewriting my own intro, I was very tempted to just refer the readers to Livvy, who once summed me up quite flattering as deliciously pervy.

Check Aneris, who is Refreshingly fank in her goals and intentions. And she does write a Lot.

And Eleanor, who does a superb job of projecting her
image and her personality with a series of topical blog-entries that also serve to subtly educate her "chaps" on her likes and dislikes. Some of her entries are even short Poems and her text is always accompanied by well chosen (and watermarked) graphics.
Those Ladies are Artist in my book.

Time to renew my own feeble attempt at the "why" and the "what".

I know what the keywords are:
Fun, Respect, Opinions, Therapy, and (self)Advertizing.

Now I just have to put some meat on those bones (nononono, no pun intended - looks misprovingly at Livvy lewdly licking her lips...).

To Be Continued...

Monday, 9 June 2008

Hot and Sweet

Backlog of real-world work and blog-ideas. Patience.

click to see how I got the idea of Hot and Sweet... However, as I was finishing off and decided to make a cuppa (this hotel has an OK cooker, decent cups and even Earl Grey tea). And suddenly the Tea reminded me of a Special moment some weeks ago.

A rapid google for "tea" found this image of a tea-timer (didnt even know they existed) and I included it to keep my pervy-image up (hi Livvy.)

A good cuppa takes a bit of time, and it seems the further north you go, the stronger they prefer their tea.

But to do a very dear memory justice, a 2nd search for a proper "romantic tea for two", found the Video below. It only has one fault: There are not enough roses in it.

Now before I go all soddy like the biscuit, I'm off to hug my pillow. Long day tomorrow.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

To Be Continued.

Sorry Everybody... (there is even a website by that name...)Please accept my apologies, as my blog is a bit erratic these days, time, life, real world etc... But I do try to keep up reading my bloglist (Hi there Alexa, Aneris, Livvy, Sue, no worries, you are never far from my mind - x !). I am after all just a little curious.

Doesnt she look Lovely! (although I do think she looks older then the average schoolgirl, but hey: I'm not into schoolgirl fantasies)In clicking about, I came across the Cartoon-preview from Dollymopp.That rang a bell! And after my hommage, I am on a bit of an Art-Trip. Remember that I have sometimes called "Personal Services" a form of Art?

As for the Artist we know as Dollymopp, I already thought Dollymopp resembled Kelly, the head-girl of St Trinians (2007). I disagree with the critics, it was an OK movie to watch, and I dont say that because I am a pervert. It was a funny, comical, feelgood movie! Fun to Watch and with some nice examples of female Empowerment at that. Soundbites like "It is no use relying on the grown ups, we need to sort this ourselves" tend to stay with you. And the tune stayed in my head for days.

I found this quite an Erotic Pose..., something about getting your gun off...Then there was the striking resemblance to the bad-girl in Indiana Jones IV.
Again, I disagree with the critics, the movie is Fine. Truly Indiana Jones, including the end.
I willl be an Indie Fan even when they decide to do a pre-quell after indie-XIII flops, if only because Karen Allen was an early crush of mine!

But cartoons..., that opens up a whole new set of possibilities ....
Can we expect a TBC series with Her Dollymoppness ? I'll be (c)licking from time2time.

In the mean time, her teaser-cartoon has awakened my ancient hobby: Cartoons, or in frech: BDs (no, not what you perverts think). Although this was a nice trouvaille...

To Be Continued....