Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Romantic Kiss

This picture clicks through to the wikipedia-entry on Kissing...Chevalier pointed to a topic on Kissing recently, but in my opinion the original was a little over the top. Literary.

On reading it, I Wondered about the Godelian kiss though. Should it take you into another dimension? That is exactly what a good date does...

To balance the seriousness of Chev's original post, I would like to propose more attention for the Romantic kiss.

Forget all the literature and science.
I think a kiss is supposed to bring two people together. To bond them, to make them melt, fuse.

A romantic kiss follows from good chemistry and enhances the intimacy.

A romantic kiss transmits desire as well as Respect.

A romantic kiss shows affection, appreciation.

A romantic kiss celebrates the meeting of minds as well as bodies.

A romantic kiss is savored, relished. It is a Delicacy.

A romantic kiss can be a prelude to bliss or a desperate last goodbye - with hope for later...

A romantic kiss will Always be remembered.

She knows who she is!

Monday, 18 August 2008


Over the last 22 months, I grew attached to a certain playlist on my laptop. Here are some Very Good Memories.

The first soundtrack was particularly hard to find in acceptable quality. Be patient, the messy intro is rather befitting....

This is how it feels:

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

tags and blog games

That time of the year again: I got tagged by Chevalier.

NB: Apologies is this one is a bit of rush job, I'll try to beautify it later this week.

The tag-games between bloggers, are like chain-letters.

If you want to play, it goes like this:
- Some fellow blogger tags you.
- you go read his blog: there will be an explanation like this, and "the mission"
- you do "the mission" : generally write up a list and tag 1 or more others.
- you post your writing on you own blog, while linking back to your tagger.
- you go and put comment on the bloggers you tagged (Targeted!)
- you wait for the links and comments to come back.

- you get comments and links, sometimes from unexpected corners
- a good "mission" good forces you to think before you write.
- if you are lucky, bloggers and readers with similar interests discover you, and you discover others that make you think.

- it eats into your time (I have a lot going on, and it Is holiday time).
- you need to search victims, and the exploding numerals mean a lot of your blog-friends may be tagged already.

So here is my list of FIVE things I'm GRATEFUL for:

- Trains. They get me around, and allow time to think and write.

- Laptops. Ideal for communication and allow me to work almost anywhere.

- Internet. Ditto. Changed my life.

- My Wife and Kids. I have a very nice family with very little trouble at the domestic front.

- My Favorite Regular. She knows who she is. Long may we meet.

Now for the tags. I need to go and find 5 untagged victims in the blogosphere. And some of my latest blog-roll additions do not allow comments, hence I have to mail them and I hope they want to play.

- DollyMopp. Hope she comes back to life after posting "I'm Alive" on her blog.

- Burlesque Honey. Another blogger who seems to be on summer-break.

- Josephine. Strumpet and Sensual.

- Lara. Rambling on in the nicest possible way, Currently doing London from Fulham.

- Penny. See what else she can be passionate about.

There you are!

With apologies for those I have not (yet) tagged. You may be victims on the next episode.

And if any of you dont like blog-tag-chain-letters: no offence. I understand, and I have declined a few of those tags myself in the past.