Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Regulars - An affair without the downsides.

lovely picture, need to find worthy target to link it to...For those who doubted it from my previous post: I am solidly in the Pro-Regular camp.

I Adore my regulars, and I am in the illusion that they like me. I hope they don't find me hard work. If they simply like me because I am easy-money, then that is fine with me too. As long as they make the meeting enjoyable to both of us.

I have stated this in earlier writings: Good Courtesanship and Good Acting are forms of Art that I can appreciate. And with a select few, I have the near certainty that the sympathy is mutual.

A "Regular" in a play4pay relationship is something you need to develop together. Both parties must be willing and able to enter into something Special. Something that will grow into more then just the first-sight-sympathy and the bedroom mechanics. It is possibly dangerous, but if you "let it happen" it can be very rewarding.

When you get to know a person a little better, good meetings can turn into Fantastic Meetings. There is the additional comfort of knowing the likes and dislikes of the other. ParadiseGirl22 provided the ultimate statements on the "regular" right here.

A good regular really does come very close to what a passionate affair must be like. And meeting a lovely and talented person make me feel all young and giddy again (yeah, I know, midlife crises etc...). A good regular Lady is indeed almost an Affair, but if both of you play the game correctly, it is an affair without the downsides and with much less risk.

A regular, especially one who does the GirlFriendExperience, is a "relation in a box". I have actually once seen a Lady described as "an affair on Legs", and I though that was rather appropriate: She was indeed Very Good! I could see why men would fall for her. I probably fell for her.

couldnt resist linking to this movie....Now, admittedly, most clients (and some Ladies) are in this bizz to avoid all the downsides that come with a real-world "relationship" or an affair. There is a lot of truth in the saying "you pay the Lady to go away afterward" (find source, link). And some of the more adventurous Ladies in this business may also tell you that they prefer this over proper Boyfriends to avoid stalking after the affair is over.

The reader may have noticed that I have not yet elaborated the downside and the risk of regulars. I'll give that a good thought, and continue on the topic later.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Recommended reading : Listen to Sex Workers.

A Quicky: Whatever your motivation for clicking/entering here,
click over to this letter in the Independent (a serious UK newspaper) by Catherine Stephens from the IUSW.

She clearly cites serious, government sponsored, research that shows that the industry is NOT saturated with underage and trafficed peopole. She then argues why it should not be pushed underground or criminialized.

Interesting Quote:

As part of the Government's review, Vernon Coaker met with a group of 21 sex workers, who between them had over 250 years' experience of selling sex. All described how the law endangers them and had broadly positive experience of clients. It is time campaigning organisations and the Government itself prioritised sex workers' safety over ideology and moral judgement, and listened to the voice of people from the industry.

Recommended reading in these days when a "moral-majority" (I doubt that marjority-claim) in the UK tries to impose restrictive legislation on sex work.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Escorts and Regulars: blessing or curse ?

Several pointers prompted this topic to re-surface. There was This Thread on Punternet where several writers questioned the advantages of regulars. It was mentioned that a regulars can easily turn into hard-work-dates. Possibly because a regular is tempted to abuse his loyal-client status. And an infatuated or disillusioned regular can become a stalker.

and Jenny pointed out something similar, whereby active board-posters or internet-players (that could be me) become too friendly and try to abuse their position.

And there was Belle/Billie who stated that Regulars, depicted with flowers, a bottle and a happy smile, are "The ones that make this job really worthwhile.." (boy did I feel flattered when I heard that...)

There has also been some bickering over what constitutes a "regular". Some clients have met someone 10 or more times and start to consider themselves "regular", whereas others think you can be regular after the 2nd meeting.

Myself, I once stated: after 3rd meeting, and if the experience consistently improves on each subsequent meeting, I'd consider a Lady to be a "regular".

But there is much more to a regular then just Frequency or bedroom-mechanics. Personally, I now consider someone a regular if we have met repeatedly and if we get along really well on various levels. There has to be a genuine sympathy, a connection, a deepening of the relationship, and a clear and honest appreciation from both sides.

This Rose is for YouFor example, I have had extensive email-exchanges with some Ladies and I would gladly, with their permission, brand them as "regular" after one or two promising meetings.

Question to the Lady Readers: I am quite curious to hear the Ladies define "regular". And what are your opinions on a "good" regular are (if such a thing exists at all).

Meanwhile: Cheers to my All-time Favorite. You know who you are, and I hope you are doing Well!

Monday, 1 September 2008

flattering picture

ok, since the PN MB does not support embedded picures,
and a direct link from on there didnt seem to work.

Here is the picture in question:

The Governateress - doesnt she look Cute?

nb: No, I'm not a republican.
I'm Independent!

And I disagree with just a bout all of her Views.
But you got to hand it to her: she appeals to home-town USA.
And I would probably like her if we ever met.
And she looks Nice!