Monday, 7 December 2009

slow deep intense

Michael knows what travel is aboutBeen too bloody busy working and travelling to write, or to even think much. Will comment more on some (news) items later. Gimme time (In the meantime, a lot will already be said and written, so I might not bother anymore.)

I owe a lot to my "regular" (she knows who she is), and I am trying to visit her more often (work, time, flights...).

For the moment, I'll just leave you with this Classic from Gillette, the things that always worked best for me (I'd love to meet this woman sometime - Gillette, if you are reading...):

Slow (if I can refrain from jumping right on, it's been a while...)
Deep (in the mental way: Connect!)
Intense (someone I can relate to)

I will come back soon and spend more time, until then: Take Care.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Advice on Men and Sex

At the risk of looking like a groupy or a tout, I'll give out a quick link to some good advice...

Nr 5 is the best tip ever!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Dr Belle de Jour

Dr Brooke Magnanti aka Belle de JourShe is for Real.

I will admid that I had doubts. The blog and books were written and marketed so well that it could have been a professional writer or a prank. Hence, I never took her in my blogroll.

But it seems Dr Belle (Yes, a PhD!) was for real after all.

On the negative side, it seems she outed herself because some newspaper had gotten a tip and was about to break the news anyway. For that, I feel sorry for her. It seems she had preferred anonymity but the papers didnt respect that. Given her extensive writings, and the ruthlessness of the UK press, I'm not surprised.

But her outing brought about some very good (and also the usual negative) comments by some. The original outing-interview is a good read.

And this comment in Newsweek is something I want to recomment to politicians and normal persons alike.

I will not close my eyes to some of the bad things that go on in the paid-for-dateing scene. But Dr Belle (I like that name) is an example of how one woman found "empowerment", rather then degradation. And I know many girls, some of them students and most of them very clever, found "the game" equally liberating as Dr Belle.

If ever "The Right Lady" existed, Dr Belle seems to be Her. Brains, Beauty and Talent.

NB: If you are reading, welcome to my blogroll. And I apologize for my original doubts. Much Respect!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

une amante authentique

As a homage to someone very Dear, quite far away.

I never know how to thank you properly, but on the flight out, I came across a few lines from a book that immediately made me think of you.

Inspector Janvier reports to Commisaire Maigret :

Seulement ?
Voila : il y a en elle quelque chose de très féminin, d’émouvant. On la sent très douce, un peu effrayée par la vie, et c’est le genre de femme que un homme a envie de protéger. Vous comprenez ce que je veut dire? Son corps aussi est très féminin, tres …

Then, a few hours later, Inspector Lapointe reports on the same lady.

J’essaie de vous expliquer l’effet qu’elle doit produire sur la plupart des gens. On rencontre parfois, comme ca, un femme qui fait tout de suite penser a …
A quoi ?
On la voit malgré soi se blottir dans les bras de son compagnon, on sent presque sa chaleur. En même temps on sait que elle n’est pour un seul, que c’est une véritable amoureuse, une amante authentique…

Taken from « Les Scrupules de Maigret », by Georges Simenon, 1957.
(I'll finish the book on the return journey)

We should meet again soon!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Prostitution, History, Economy

If "the game" is considered a lage economic (government taxable) activity, then we are only progressing a tradition.

According to this book, The Secret History of Georgian London: How the Wages of Sin Shaped the Capital, prostitution helped shape georgian Londen to quite an important extent.

So was the industry of pleasure following the economic activity, or was it shapeing it ? Maybe the success of an economy is not just due to the work-force, but also due to the "Working Ladies". And tolerating them.

With Thanks to DollyMopp for pointing out the book.

Oh, and before the anti-brigaqde pop in, yes, I do realize it wasnt all fun and glamour then, nor is it all rosey now. But things have changed a lot.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Trains and Trainstations and People

It is well known: I do some of my more creative work-writing and most of my fun-writing (this) on long distance trains.

I enjoy that blissfull detachment, the not-quite-real state, that comes with nomadic work.

Various trainrides are already documented on blogs or boardpostings. And I notably remember the pull (or honeytrap?) of a lady who was alledgedly on her way to a blind-date.

There is the story of the four impeccably dressed (public-) schoolteachers with perfect but artificial sounding RP. They sat "discreetly" discussing school matters across the isle in the quiet coach. And they strongly dissaproved of my mobile that kept going off (some of you know that my ringtones can be a bit adventurous).

There was also the girl who dumped her boyfriend with one phonecall between Kx and Leeds. She took the whole train journey to do it. And the complete coach could listen in. Good riddance, and I hope the bloke learned a lesson. That girl, by the way, is not likely to make a good escort Lady: Too indecisive and too chatty. She would make a good timewaster though.

But now I am sitting in a waiting-lounge, awaiting a delayed connecting train. I wonder how many fellow travellers are also picking up the nexecwifi and surfing the net.

Next to me is a completely bland, very boring couple in their 30s. They seem like one of those newly formed pairs, still ill at ease with one-another. They may have met via the internet and now had their first skinny-frappuchino together. I can just imagine him mailing: "I will be wearing a long dark-blue coat, green corduroy trousers with brown shoes and have "The Times" under my left arm." Next time, she can also recognize him from the non-matching blue-ish socks. Probably not just Socks, but M&S socks.

"Him" is a not-yet-restyled "Man from platform 5" and "Her" looks like a Guardian reader who is into knitting, pottery and watercolour paintings. They both really need an appointment with Trinny and Susannah.
The couple are gravely occupied on two separate discussions about their mental health and family related issues. They are both speaking at a careful, somewhat tense but completely flat tone and each fully focussed on their own topic. Still loud enough so at least 10 people in earshot have to listen.

He is awkwardly escorting her to her departure and I hope she goes on a different train then I do.

Heeeelp, I'm a naughty blogger, get me out of here!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Punternet Responses to Harriet Harman

Harman, On a Crusade against ... against what actually ???Harriet Harman, an English cabinet minister, claimed that she has asked California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to shut down a well known website about prostitution, mainly focussed on the UK.

I am not going to waste too much time typing on this topic. The reactions from the participants speak for themselves.

Check the "Open Letter" and the Press release from Galahad and read the "Message(s) from the Ladies".

Take your time, read the whole lot if you can (and there was quite a number of Good Responses when I last checked).

I can especially recommend the reactions from Laura Lee, from CatherineIUSW, from Dollymopp, and from Melanie.

Now go do your own research, and form your own opinion.

Btw: does anyone know if Arnie has reacted in any way ?

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Debate on Escorting

The debate is on again: Julie Bindel versus the pimps (as she seems to perceive her opponents as pimps...).

Mind you, I am in favour of combatting exploitation, and protecting innocent victims,
cockle fishers and other trafficked humans.
But as I've stated on earlier blogs, I do not think the Escorting scene is the place to fight that battle.

Read the sweet-sour reaction from Amanda who witnessed the debate with Julie.

Check this very good blog-post here by Laura, and an equally brilliant reply by BurlesqueHoney (I have to find an online version of that 1937 speech...) The reactions of Julie Bindel in the comment-debate speaks for itself, I think.

And then there is the last burp by Harriet Harman. This seems more of a cheap-propaganda-stunt to me: she gets some extra press using the P-word and doing an equality-grandstand for oppressed female bankers. Me, I'm apalled to learn that female Sun-p3 models get paid more then their male colleagues. I wish HH would do something about that.

But, as a tired old man, I am also thinking: Should we care ?
I remeber the same sort of debate going on in 2008 when the criminalisastion of clients was discussed in the UK press.

From reactions then and now, I must conclude that, for me, this is not a battle worth fighting. The arguments are religious (from both sides, I presume) and any attempt to instill objectivity or science or anything else will not work anymore. Everyone (including me?) is too entrenched in their own position.

The religious aspect of the debate makes me sad. It means we are at the mercy of wherever the current moral winds blow.

The "moral majority" will generally come out on top, and the participants in pay-4-play will be pushed into the a-moral low ground. Funny enough, while condemning the bizz of selling plearsure for money, a lot of representatives of the moral majority (clergy, high-end politicians) are on the game big time themselves (insert your favorite example of a politician using escorts).

But I will not discourage debate. As with the crusades, I will acknowledge that those who undertake the expedition might come back, probably not with lasting victory, but at least with a wealth of experience.

As for "Prostitution", Dollymopp once summed it up nicely: "We are all prostitutes, I just make more money then you do."

In my opinion, there will always be forms of prostitution. Is a trophy wife being exploited? or is she preying on the male? Is a boob-flashing saleswomen being exploited or is the buyer being taken for a ride? Is the suger-daddy exploiting the girl or vice versa ? Is my regular exploiting me or are we just on a well-arranged date where I help with the cost of living ?

How can JulieB and HH every really come between two consenting adults ?
Did they really took the effort to listen to some of the more mature, independent Ladies in this business ?

But let me just instill a few rays of hope here: Not all Feminists are Anti.
Have a look at this paper and this summary here. There are reasonable Feminists, you just have to look for them.

And furthermore, many Ladies that have been branded as prostitutes or courtesans in their times, were hugely liberated, free spirits.

I wish they had taken this piccie with a White Queen and Black King...

Many of them could rightfully sign their emails with the pretentious title such as "Global Thought Leader on Female Liberation"
(of course they didnt have email then, and these ladies were generally much more discrete - I'm just having a poke at some pretentious real-life empty-shell from the office)

We can take consolation in the fact that most of the Courtesans on that list had a bigger impact on history then Julie or Harriet.

Couldnt resist one more Feminist link I stumbled across...

Happy reading.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Women that are never wrong

Female Boss
Very nearly I missed it: the FT list of the worlds 50 most powerful Women in Business (no silly, that other business, what civilians call "the real world").

Luckily, Lucy Kellaway drew my attention to it this morning.

Now, to draw the disucssion into "this business", I know a few Lady Bosses who run Agencies. And They tend to fall into the category of gentle friendly, and emphatic mums-next-door (e.g. good listeners; until you have made a decision and revealed your hotelroom). But they are also visciously Stubborn and are definitely "Always Right" (no way one can contradict them!). And that would put them right in with the two examples mentioned by Lucy: Hard Driving, Ruthless bullies that will get their way. End of.

Admittedly, the Lady-Bosses with hands on experience, the ones I had the pleasure of meeting on a date, have proven to be Excellent Companions.

It is not my cuppa, but is the future to the Dommes ?

Frank! There is a miss Whiplash for you...

Frank! There is a miss Whiplash for you on line 3...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock, for no apparent reason.Miss you babe!

Miss your smile.

Miss it when you speak.

Miss the way you move your hair.

Miss your body-language, your understated elegance.

Miss the way some people in restaurants look at us, and how we then smile at one-another (A basket of bread, and some olives... ?).

It may take a while, but We'll be Back.

Until then: Take Well Care.

Still over a 1000 miles away from you. I so mis you, it seems to hurt. I'm slowly going nuts here.
Today, some shopping-mall cafe played this as background music, and I nearly cried.
(google easily found the exact lyrics, the youtube link is on an older blogpost ..)

Look into my eyes you will see
What you mean to me
Search your heart search your soul
And when you find me there you'll search no more
Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for
You know it's true
Everything I do I do it for you

Look into your heart you will find
There's nothin' there to hide
Take me as I am take my life
I would give it all I would sacrifice
Don't tell me it's not worth fightin' for
I can't help it there's nothin' I want more
Ya know it's true
Everything I do I do it for you

There's no love like your love
And no other could give more love
There's nowhere unless you're there
All the time all the way

Oh you can't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
I can't help it there's nothin' I want more
I would fight for you I'd lie for you
Walk the wire for you Ya I'd die for you

Ya know it's true
Everything I do I do it for you

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Birds on Boards - We've never been Hotter

Gotta love that style...The two expressions from the title come from this column by Lucy Kellaway.

Lucy is Recommended Reading - every week.

And I can confirm that many offices have a much more interesting "office life" now that young, ambitious female managers are openly enjoying the use of their femininity as a weapon.

Flirting as a sign of Strength.

The young (and elder) male managers are in for both a treat and some unfair compeTition.

Have fun all!

The clip art is a lady in a Forties Style suit, it comes from a site that I found via Dollymopp. Last week, Dollymopp got stuck in a dress (or is that in a dressing room?). But she managed to get out in the end. In the writeup, she linked to a site that had that irrisistible picture on it. Thx Dolly.
(my all time favorite is the dress from the Venice photoshoot, but she knows that).

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sue and Angels4you in the news again

No you pervs. This is a serious link.An Angel blowing a Trumpet. No pun intended.

There is a lot to blog about this summer. I'd love to comment on the book by Bea (see link to the right) and some of the adventures documented on PN and PL. (links when time permits).

But as Friends come First, here is a pointer to the diary of Sue at Angels4you.

Against all good advice (mine), Sue let herself be interviewed by some local (?) newspaper and linked to the result.

All in all, the resulting article in EN (has anyone heard of them before?) wasnt too bad. There is a definite Business Angle to it. And if this helps making "the bizz" more transparant and accessible, I'm all for it.

Happy reading.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

underwear evolution

the Evolution of UnderwearThis came to me via a promo-mail for hotel-bookings. Apparently, hotel chains are trying lure visitors to London this summer with...
Naughtiness ?

Anyway, for the regular readers and other interested parties: have a peek.

As for the lingerie aspect: I prefer items that are elegant but can also be un-done easily. Nothing beats Nature.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Hello to Amanda from Scotland - and a (((HUG))) to someone Dear.

Just two quicky items.

this is long overdue, but workie-stuff is catching up with me:


How could I have missed this well manicured blog for so long?
Have a look at Amanda, Highland Escort.
Proud to have added you to my list Amanda.


An Apology

I had to Cancel a long-planned appointment. And furthermore, I hardly have internet access to send messages too. So here is a long-overdue (((HUG))) to someone very dear.

Being a hopeless romantic is not always a good thing.

I am very sorry, but like you said: "These things happen".
It is great out here. It is a lovely job-stint, and an interesting place to be. But it is also a bit lonely out here and that suddenly struck me badly when a certain heartbreaking Bryan Adams song came out of the speakers in the shopping-area. I look forward to Catch Up with you when I get back.

Friday, 22 May 2009

The richest woman in Yorkshire

Check it out... not your usual chicklit, and not even escorting relatedImagine being a foreigner of North African descend, with a funny french accent, sitting in a pub somewhere in Yorkshire.

Suddenly, the lady next to you touches elbows with you and says "I am the richest woman in Yorkshire".

Apparently it happened to Faoud Laroui, and he wrote a
based on the encounter: "La femme la plus riche du Yorkshire."

I am currently not yet sure if there is an english translation out, or if the publisher is testing the waters, but here is one of the few english-language references that google could find.

I have just, by chance encounter, read the first few pages in french last week. But if I can believe the reviews, there is a lot more weird stuff going on in Yorkshire (I already knew that, but still...)

The book I have to get hold of,
The woman, I'd like to meet....

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mae West memorable Quotes

Click Through for much nicer picture...Apologies for the low-activity. Too FFing Busy, too much time in-car and not enough on trains. But the season is nice for long drives so I dont mind all that much.

The life jacket is appropriate. I see people going down all around me, and some will need a life-vest (go on, click it!).

But due to a strike of luck, and due to the fact that my work-skills are well-suited to crisis environments, I still hop from job to job, and the assignements are quite interesting.

If only I could spent more time with my favorite-one (...she discreetly knows who she is).

The life-vest items mentioned by someone this week reminded me of a famous Lady, her famous buxom figure, and her even more famous

She was No Angel and she also featured in this classic movie.

I am slightly surprised she doesnt yet get a mention in the "Floozies in Film" list. But then she may, strictly speaking, not have played a Floozy in her movies.

But her reputation for Saucyness could rival with Anyone.

Speaking of Re-Surfacing: Myriad is Back on the blogosphere. Interesting text and Superbly chosen artwork as usual

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Read the Escorting Manual

Todays Image is of a tatood back. The reason will become clear on reading or clicking.

In earlier days, I have patronizingly posted about what I thought was the right attitude to become an Escort. And I still stand by my own preference for part-time defibrillated Ladies. Low key, discreet, and in it for the kick of rediscovered youth and a good time (she knows who she is).

But I also maintain that good Escorting is a form of Art[need link].
And one Lady who approaches it that way is Dollymopp. To her, Escorting is Sexy Art and Arty Sex. She could claim that slogan.dollymopp embodies that Perfect Courtesan, with personality, intitiative, and total dedication to her chosen Art. Also noticed that she did start off "part time", choosing Escoring as a temp-job that gave her a sense of freedom and power.

Ms Mopp has now published a brilliant post that I think is Required reading for both Customers and (future) Floozies: This is how it is. This blogpost of hers is almost a "Manual to Escorting".

Having met Ms Mopp in person several times, I can only higly recommend her readings (and her good Dollymopping self as well - Mint).

Cheers Dollymopp.
(and good luck with your visit on Monday)

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Varieties on the Girl Friend Experience

There will be a movie out titled "The GirlFriendExperience" soon and I am going to see it, but maybe not with Mrs Ptr.

In the mean time, here are a number of varieties on the GFE theme.


And I might see you in the cinema - well some of you.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

the voice of an Escort

Many arrangements can be made by e-mail or text, but I always find it re-assuring
to at least briefly hear a voice when finalizing a booking, especially with an Indie-Lady.

[Image: call centre joke]

I have mentioned before [get link] that emails, Instant Messages, board-PMs, and text-messages are all "anonymous". Those communications can all be "outsourced" to a third party acting on-behalf-of. And I have known cases where a partner, an agent, or even the children(!) of a Lady handled mail or text for her, including the mandatory "huni" and "xx".

On some agency- and indie-sites, it states that confirmation for a booking should always be made by voice-call. This is supposedly to ensure that there is a more or less reasonable sounding, and sober person on the other side.

Likewise, as a customer, I prefer to have at least a brief voice-conversation with the agent or Lady. Admittedly, it is not a total guarantee, but especially in the case of low-key indie-ladies, it gives me the assurance there is an intelligent and sensible female on the other side of the line.

Ditto with Ladies that I have not seen for a while: I like to confirm it is actually still Her on the other side of the text-messages and not for example someone who got hold of her sim-card by whatever means.

Now recently, I came across a Lady who preferred to communicate only by SMS.
And when I gently but repeatedly suggested that we have at least a brief voice-call to confirm the date and give her the hotel and roomnumber, she suddenly reply-texted that "something was unsettled" and stopped replying. She didnt pick up the phone when I rang and it got switched off straight after.

Am I Funny ?
Was I too careful ?
Was there a mis-understanding in our texting ?
Was she in an area where she couldnt answer the phone ?
Potential scam ? I wouldnt suspect so, but I preferred to stay safe.

Maybe she just thougt it was too much "cloak and dagger".

I Will try again somtime, but I am sticking to my principle and stick to a brief voice-call to make Sure.

Suiteable Images :
cloak n dagger ?
some spy-novel cover ?

Couldnt find a suitable image fast enough, so decided to just put on some of my favorite music. Enjoy!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

the potent power of personality

And here is her bio in Timesonline, quite a LadyAn article about Dido Harding in FT last Monday drew my attention. I couldnt help to admire her charisma as it bounced off the page from the article and even from the totally obligatory picture of "boss standing in supermarket isle". I would love to have a quiet and private dinner with her! To put it bluntly: I lusted after her.

The article reminded me of meetings I had with with some of the more Entrepreneurial and charismatic Ladies from the scene. And then, recently I had a few really hot dates with a relatively high-profile Lady in London. A real personality who regards this job as a true calling. And she is so very very good!

Is this a sign I'm becoming a "hobbyist"
or a groupie,
or a whore-hag ... ?

Despite of what the non-fluffies on PNMB[link] will say, Personality Really matters when you play together. There is something very horny about being with an Alpha Female or someone with a Stong Personality.

In some cases, I already knew she was a "Madam of Repute" and found the meeting going surprisingly horny. In other cases, I didnt know on "first date" that the Lady in question would be moving on to become an agent or would compose (or arrange for) a Crisp Internet Presence. But in several cases, I could sense the potent-ial of her personality. And those Ladies also understood that there was more to attract me to them then just their HHuge tits and skilled oral.

In all cases, the detection of the "charisma" was a huge turn-on. Some of these Ladies would make excellent Leaders in civilian life, notably in dynamic, creative and slightly chaotic environments. The kind of persons you need in today's crisis...

Caveat: there is a thin line between Charisma and Castration. I would never have that sort of sentiment with for example Maggy T. And Cherry Blair, no matter how powerful and capable, does nothing for me. Madonna a sex symbol? ... she leaves me stone cold. Always has.But Lady Mary Archer... or Lucy Kellaway... or Dido... Unfortunately, those gems are spoken for already. Maybe I should re-consider Livvy...

So the questions would be, for the guys:
Does it turn you on to know (or to sense) that your partner is a strong personality, capable of "running a business" ?

And the question for the Ladies:
Do you get an extra kick out of knowing the the guy you are with is leading a medium sized enterprise, or is the Boss of 300 hardened Construction workers ?

Or am I just getting celebrity-obsessed ?

Sunday, 1 March 2009

smoking leads to good sex

A Classic brand of Cigarettes, and some Classic Advertizing too. Gender stereotypes? Seduction? Whoring? sublimal Sex ? it is all there!Earlier, I was ranting on about the way Cigarette-Craving can be used to sabotage a meeting. Especially the more experienced dyed-in-tobacco routiniers, and many EE ladies, are good at these tricks.

But I have also had brilliant meetings with Ladies who knew how to use smoking as a subtle turn-on to make the meeting even more exciting.

Luckily, due to my background a whiff of smoke is not offensive to me. A slight taste of smoke in her breath and in her kisses acutally has something exciting. On Occasions, for example we have played snowball with the smoke.

But too strong or stale smell of smoke is a no-no. Then it just seems like bad hygiene to me. And a chewing gum or mint at the last minute doesnt work! Unless you dont kiss at all, both the smoke and the gum leave a bad taste. And LOL if the chewing gum comes out after entering the room, or - wait for it - stays in during the date. Some women...

On the positive, however, it can be quite erotic to meet a Lady who smokes.
I recall there were times when it was considered indecent for a woman to smoke in public, and I can understand why.

It used to be in the U.S. that a woman smoking was associated with loose morals, and in the 18th and 19th centuries, smoking women were viewed as fallen women. But it was also seen as a sign of Freedom. Some of that history alone is good enough to make smoking an interesting part of the game.

It was a an Exiting Movie, and BI-2 was even set in LondonIn the setting of a meeting, I find there is a strong Erotic suggestion in the way a clever woman handles the cigarette. When she brings it to her face, and inhales from it. Especially when a skilled seductress maintains eye-contact with her victim while delicately touching the little white item with her lips, causing it to glow slowly, longingly.

The fire reminds you both of the burning desire inside. The glowing ashes carry the promise of hot pleasure that will last. And then the way she keeps looking at you, full of promise, while inhaling from the little stick between her carefully painted lips.

The inhaling and exhaling will cause her breasts to slightly move up and down, but you try not to look at those, you maintain eye-contact. And you try not to to watch at her re-crossing her legs, and leaning slightly forward to both show her cleavage. You can only think of where her lips can go in the next minutes.

(Flashing images and memories force me to take a break here...)

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Smoking: Escort Sabotage or Erotic Stimulation

The link is to some Erotic Smoking material...Many Ladies in the Escort or Companionship Business seem to be smokers. And if you are a smoking Lady, you have probably found out how your smoking habit can be used to your advantage.

I found the ciggy can be used to either sabotage the meeting, or to enhance it. "Sabotage" is unfortunately used more often then Stimulation.

The cunning courtesan can use the Craving for ciggy as an excuse to create one or more convenient counterpoints during the meeting. She can also use it for a get-out-quick if the meeting is a dud and she wants to end it early: "I'm off now luf, time is up and I soo need a fag" (grabs bag, fumbles with pack of ciggies and runs for door).

A mouth full of stale smoke and tobacco stains and smells might also prevent a punter from trying to properly kiss you. So if you are not into kissing, but your agent still lists that as a service, then smoking, recent spicey food, and the last-minute removal of a 30 second old chewing-gum can all be part of your line of defense. You still pretend to engage in the action, but your part-time partner will hopefully avoid too much activity in the mouth-to-mouth department.

Whether smoking is allowed in the room or not, or whether any smoke-detectors are present, that seems to be totally irrelevant to the determined woman. Smoking, or rather the need for a nicotine, is a perfect means to break the rithm and to buy time.

Leatherman multi tools, the original over priced gadget, no WL or client should be without, but you cannot carry them on planes anymore - sighCertain Ladies carry tools or exotic screwdrivers solely for the purpuse of sabotageing the windows to be able to smoke (or possibly also to throw the client out, if he gets uppity ?)

"I really need a smoke first, mind if we open the window?", Whithout waiting for a reply, she starts purposfully but awkwardly to manipulate the
secured window for 10 minutes, optionally throwing a tantrum in the process.
This is followed by another 10 minutes of slowly indulging in her addiction, near the window. Of course she will adopt a position that defies anything that might happen between consenting adults. And in winter, the cold air streaming in, chilling your toes and other vital parts, is a welcome ally to the woman who wants to prevent you from becoming too hot for her.

No convenient windows? No problem: "Now hunni, while you get yerself ready, I'll just pop to the loo for a quick ciggy to calm us down, shall I?." She will be gone for 15 min of valuable time. And yes, that can really "calm us down", both of us. Of course, she knows that on her return after a slowly consumed, savoured smoke, the chances of Vigorous Action are slimmer, which can facilitate her job a lot. "We dont seem to be in the mood today, do we?"

The smoke alarm has not happened on me during a meeting yet, but I did have my share of hotel-evacuations in the UK. Always with the excuse of "someone smoking, apparently, wont be long sir." It always Rains when that happens.

And whenever that alarm goes off, I always wonder: Would it have been a woman trying to get out with the envelope before "anything else" can happen between "consenting adults". I always look for females leaving the premises, but have not yet spotted a WL with certainty. They probably know their escape routes better then me.

This girl thinks smoking is bad for your sexlife... ?However, smoking can also be a turn on. On a few occasions, when I knew the Lady to be a smoker, and the hotel had smoking rooms, I have booked such a room. Some Girls are delighted to be able to smoke and appreciate the gesture. I remenber one particular Lady who positively abused the possibility to delicious effect...
A Memorable Meeting it was - I did, and will return!

Also, with regards to smoking, some quite arousing images from movies like Basic Instinct and Wild at Heart come to mind.

More on the Erotic Stimulation of Smoking later (train pulls into station, and about time for a nicotine fix too).

Friday, 27 February 2009

Women that need a Defibrillator

Newly divorced women need 'defibrillator' men to shock them back to life before they start a serious relationshipAnyone recognize the phenomenon discussed in that article?

I know of at least two examples whereby a thirty-something divorcee Lady re-discovered her "girlie side" and her Girl-Power via Escorting.

And recently I heard this very nice remark from my All Time Regular. It was during one of those meetings where we had oodles of time an no pressure to do anything. We had a nice spacious hotelroom with a sofa and something to eat and drink.
As always, she enjoyed the whole affair. Like she often does, she showed me her latest piece of good-time lingerie. I could almost see her glow with Fun and Pride. I am normally not into fashion-shows, but she is such a doddle that I just love to see her show it off before we gently take it off.

And then, totally relaxed, during the most tender embrace, she sighed:

"This is lovely, you know. This escorting really brings out the girl in me again.

I took it as a compliment, but it was really more about herself then about our date. I could see her ravish in the attention and glow in the realization of her Girl-Power.

She is the girl that inspired my take on "The Right Lady", an educated professional and a mother who does part-time, low-key Escorting next to a real job and raising real kids. Experienced both in bed and in real life. But intelligent and strong enough to not be tainted by the experiences.

A quote from the article in the link: The last thing a divorcee needs is a man who will make emotional demands on you, or drain the life out of you. You need a man who is life-affirming, who will make you feel fantastic and put the glow back in your cheeks.

Well, given the right environment, that is exactly what an Escort can get form a gentle client, a discrete non-pushy agent, and the right attitude. Because it is an "escort" date, and not some lonely-hearts advert or blind-date-setup from friends or colleagues, she knows she can walk away from it without any strings, emotional or otherwise. No risk of emotions or stalking.

Call me a fluffy or a sucker, but I really believe in the story of the Happy (Hobby) Hooker. It takes the right personality, the right customer, and the right agent or coach to make a good match. But when everything falls into place, there is just the Enjoyment for both parties. An affair with mutual benefits, and without the downsides.

Nobody can convince me otherwise.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

informational message

The image is from an Australian public information office, as this is an "informational message" posting.

Due to real-world workie-thingies, it is a bit quiet on here at the moment. Not enough train-rides, and not the right trains. I really admire the likes of
Livvy, Dolly and Aneris who manage to pump put a blog-entry with Admirable regularity (true Regulars eh?).

However, to come back to one of my favorite topics, "The Right Lady", someone on the PNMB mentioned this instruction video for girls with porn-star ambitions.

Ladies, if you are thinking of a career in Porn have a look, and a laugh.

Now, having grinned at that video a few times, the question arises: Is there a similar information video for girls who want to become Escorts ? Livvy, should we team up with ITV-Yorkshire and do a public-information production ?
All for the greater good, mind you.

Monday, 2 February 2009

run to you - back soon

This was on the radio this morning.
Been in my head permanently.

Just made me totally Homesick.


Cant wait to be back ...

and this one is for You:
Incurable? time will tell...

Take Care, and see you soon!

Friday, 30 January 2009

Veggie Escorts for Better Sex

You are what you eat.

And I still think I am a red-blooded, steak-eating, easily tempted male.

But this just ticked me off when I saw the news item. Oh, not the americans again.

To cut straight to the chase, here is the YouTube version of the ad that NBC apparently didn't want to show:

I bet you some of you pervs loved that video, eh Livvy ?

Now, I know a lot of you Ladies are animal lovers, but you often also are "foodies"

Which all begs the question: is PETA right ?
Do vegetarians have better Sex ?

nb: from personal research: at least one of my favorites was an explicit Veggie and animal lover.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Whores are Heroes

Joan of Arc (maybe I should find some english/scottisch female Hero)The picture has nothing to do with Whores, but all with Female Heroes. Joan of Arc was one of those, hence her Picture.

Acutally, most whores are female. The female of a Hero is a Heroine but I didn't want that in the title.

The whole thing was put to my attention via Dollymopp. Her Dollymoppness is never short of
blog-material (actually, Dollymopp and Rhia Charles, and several other blogging Ladies seem to be in competition to educate us about the History of Courtesanship (and whoredom) in many ways.

The Latest piece of education in this friendly writing-competition is the blog of Dollymopp where she points to the 40 Reasons why Whore are Heroes.

The actual list seems to have been composed by Anny Sprinkler, who has a very interesting site dedicated to all-things-sex herself. Go and Check it all Out.

Oh, and a belated Happy New Year to All and Sundry.
Especially to You! You Know who You are.
Would insert one of our favorite Bryan Adams clips, if youtube didnt keep removing them for (c) reasons.