Wednesday, 18 February 2009

informational message

The image is from an Australian public information office, as this is an "informational message" posting.

Due to real-world workie-thingies, it is a bit quiet on here at the moment. Not enough train-rides, and not the right trains. I really admire the likes of
Livvy, Dolly and Aneris who manage to pump put a blog-entry with Admirable regularity (true Regulars eh?).

However, to come back to one of my favorite topics, "The Right Lady", someone on the PNMB mentioned this instruction video for girls with porn-star ambitions.

Ladies, if you are thinking of a career in Porn have a look, and a laugh.

Now, having grinned at that video a few times, the question arises: Is there a similar information video for girls who want to become Escorts ? Livvy, should we team up with ITV-Yorkshire and do a public-information production ?
All for the greater good, mind you.

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