Friday, 27 February 2009

Women that need a Defibrillator

Newly divorced women need 'defibrillator' men to shock them back to life before they start a serious relationshipAnyone recognize the phenomenon discussed in that article?

I know of at least two examples whereby a thirty-something divorcee Lady re-discovered her "girlie side" and her Girl-Power via Escorting.

And recently I heard this very nice remark from my All Time Regular. It was during one of those meetings where we had oodles of time an no pressure to do anything. We had a nice spacious hotelroom with a sofa and something to eat and drink.
As always, she enjoyed the whole affair. Like she often does, she showed me her latest piece of good-time lingerie. I could almost see her glow with Fun and Pride. I am normally not into fashion-shows, but she is such a doddle that I just love to see her show it off before we gently take it off.

And then, totally relaxed, during the most tender embrace, she sighed:

"This is lovely, you know. This escorting really brings out the girl in me again.

I took it as a compliment, but it was really more about herself then about our date. I could see her ravish in the attention and glow in the realization of her Girl-Power.

She is the girl that inspired my take on "The Right Lady", an educated professional and a mother who does part-time, low-key Escorting next to a real job and raising real kids. Experienced both in bed and in real life. But intelligent and strong enough to not be tainted by the experiences.

A quote from the article in the link: The last thing a divorcee needs is a man who will make emotional demands on you, or drain the life out of you. You need a man who is life-affirming, who will make you feel fantastic and put the glow back in your cheeks.

Well, given the right environment, that is exactly what an Escort can get form a gentle client, a discrete non-pushy agent, and the right attitude. Because it is an "escort" date, and not some lonely-hearts advert or blind-date-setup from friends or colleagues, she knows she can walk away from it without any strings, emotional or otherwise. No risk of emotions or stalking.

Call me a fluffy or a sucker, but I really believe in the story of the Happy (Hobby) Hooker. It takes the right personality, the right customer, and the right agent or coach to make a good match. But when everything falls into place, there is just the Enjoyment for both parties. An affair with mutual benefits, and without the downsides.

Nobody can convince me otherwise.


Sarah said...

It's not an affair Peter. Well.. it might for the lady, be an affair with her job, but never with the client.

It is always a job and the illusion of the affair is part of the fun and the mystique, but it is never an affair as such.

However, for the married lady who 'tries a bit of escorting'.. she is an adulterer, no matter how she tries to justify what she does or gloss it over.

Reality check.

Ptr_leeds said...

Of course you are right Sarah, it is not an affair as such. Thanks for the reality check.

And no worries: Financial Compensation and Strickt Boundaries remain part of the deal.

But they are Excellent meetings, and I can live with the illusion that we both enjoy it and see them as special moments, cant I ?

Aneris said...

I shall not try to convince you of any other position on this.

I will say that it is the civility that makes it work.

If we all had sex in nice rooms, with soft music, room service and were to part until the next breathy moment...everyone would be wrapped on lusty hot an tender GFE all day long.

Hell, there would be no escorting, cheating, affairs or what not. We would all be super happy and smiling with the partner we picked.

Back to illusions and misty watercolor memories.

Ptr_leeds said...

Welcome back Aneris,

And Thank You for leaving me in the illusion of an almost-affair.

You are very right about the civility. The right environment does help to set the mood and make the action flow.

But I have been in similar situations (good hotel etc.) with the real-life Mrs Ptr, and still the magic didnt quite appear.

Aneris said...