Sunday, 22 March 2009

the potent power of personality

And here is her bio in Timesonline, quite a LadyAn article about Dido Harding in FT last Monday drew my attention. I couldnt help to admire her charisma as it bounced off the page from the article and even from the totally obligatory picture of "boss standing in supermarket isle". I would love to have a quiet and private dinner with her! To put it bluntly: I lusted after her.

The article reminded me of meetings I had with with some of the more Entrepreneurial and charismatic Ladies from the scene. And then, recently I had a few really hot dates with a relatively high-profile Lady in London. A real personality who regards this job as a true calling. And she is so very very good!

Is this a sign I'm becoming a "hobbyist"
or a groupie,
or a whore-hag ... ?

Despite of what the non-fluffies on PNMB[link] will say, Personality Really matters when you play together. There is something very horny about being with an Alpha Female or someone with a Stong Personality.

In some cases, I already knew she was a "Madam of Repute" and found the meeting going surprisingly horny. In other cases, I didnt know on "first date" that the Lady in question would be moving on to become an agent or would compose (or arrange for) a Crisp Internet Presence. But in several cases, I could sense the potent-ial of her personality. And those Ladies also understood that there was more to attract me to them then just their HHuge tits and skilled oral.

In all cases, the detection of the "charisma" was a huge turn-on. Some of these Ladies would make excellent Leaders in civilian life, notably in dynamic, creative and slightly chaotic environments. The kind of persons you need in today's crisis...

Caveat: there is a thin line between Charisma and Castration. I would never have that sort of sentiment with for example Maggy T. And Cherry Blair, no matter how powerful and capable, does nothing for me. Madonna a sex symbol? ... she leaves me stone cold. Always has.But Lady Mary Archer... or Lucy Kellaway... or Dido... Unfortunately, those gems are spoken for already. Maybe I should re-consider Livvy...

So the questions would be, for the guys:
Does it turn you on to know (or to sense) that your partner is a strong personality, capable of "running a business" ?

And the question for the Ladies:
Do you get an extra kick out of knowing the the guy you are with is leading a medium sized enterprise, or is the Boss of 300 hardened Construction workers ?

Or am I just getting celebrity-obsessed ?


Aneris said...

Yes you are obsessed. But no matter to that now.

Oddly, the people who turn us on for sex are strong, decisive and intriguing. But that dos not always translate well in other areas of our life, as in regards to partners.

Part of the thrill of dating a powerful and charismatic individual is that they are taking time away from big things, for just one person.

Sarah said...

For me, it matters not what they do, as long as they treat me with respect and pay me at the end.

My personality is big enough for the both of us... LOL

Ptr_leeds said...

Aneris and Sarah,
Thank you both for your nice coments. And I suspect you both have indeed personalities that are big enough for both of us. I am quite tempted to come and verify that at some time.

As for the thrill-aspect: I've seen a few Ladies while I was in an interesting work-assignment and the sex was just Mint. Adrenaline I guess.

And Respect: that works both ways too. We, the customers, dont like to be treated disrespectful either. Best Dates are always when there is a clear mutual respect (and a good envelope, of course but that goes without saying).

Respects and Regards to both of you,