Sunday, 1 March 2009

smoking leads to good sex

A Classic brand of Cigarettes, and some Classic Advertizing too. Gender stereotypes? Seduction? Whoring? sublimal Sex ? it is all there!Earlier, I was ranting on about the way Cigarette-Craving can be used to sabotage a meeting. Especially the more experienced dyed-in-tobacco routiniers, and many EE ladies, are good at these tricks.

But I have also had brilliant meetings with Ladies who knew how to use smoking as a subtle turn-on to make the meeting even more exciting.

Luckily, due to my background a whiff of smoke is not offensive to me. A slight taste of smoke in her breath and in her kisses acutally has something exciting. On Occasions, for example we have played snowball with the smoke.

But too strong or stale smell of smoke is a no-no. Then it just seems like bad hygiene to me. And a chewing gum or mint at the last minute doesnt work! Unless you dont kiss at all, both the smoke and the gum leave a bad taste. And LOL if the chewing gum comes out after entering the room, or - wait for it - stays in during the date. Some women...

On the positive, however, it can be quite erotic to meet a Lady who smokes.
I recall there were times when it was considered indecent for a woman to smoke in public, and I can understand why.

It used to be in the U.S. that a woman smoking was associated with loose morals, and in the 18th and 19th centuries, smoking women were viewed as fallen women. But it was also seen as a sign of Freedom. Some of that history alone is good enough to make smoking an interesting part of the game.

It was a an Exiting Movie, and BI-2 was even set in LondonIn the setting of a meeting, I find there is a strong Erotic suggestion in the way a clever woman handles the cigarette. When she brings it to her face, and inhales from it. Especially when a skilled seductress maintains eye-contact with her victim while delicately touching the little white item with her lips, causing it to glow slowly, longingly.

The fire reminds you both of the burning desire inside. The glowing ashes carry the promise of hot pleasure that will last. And then the way she keeps looking at you, full of promise, while inhaling from the little stick between her carefully painted lips.

The inhaling and exhaling will cause her breasts to slightly move up and down, but you try not to look at those, you maintain eye-contact. And you try not to to watch at her re-crossing her legs, and leaning slightly forward to both show her cleavage. You can only think of where her lips can go in the next minutes.

(Flashing images and memories force me to take a break here...)

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