Saturday, 25 April 2009

Varieties on the Girl Friend Experience

There will be a movie out titled "The GirlFriendExperience" soon and I am going to see it, but maybe not with Mrs Ptr.

In the mean time, here are a number of varieties on the GFE theme.


And I might see you in the cinema - well some of you.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

the voice of an Escort

Many arrangements can be made by e-mail or text, but I always find it re-assuring
to at least briefly hear a voice when finalizing a booking, especially with an Indie-Lady.

[Image: call centre joke]

I have mentioned before [get link] that emails, Instant Messages, board-PMs, and text-messages are all "anonymous". Those communications can all be "outsourced" to a third party acting on-behalf-of. And I have known cases where a partner, an agent, or even the children(!) of a Lady handled mail or text for her, including the mandatory "huni" and "xx".

On some agency- and indie-sites, it states that confirmation for a booking should always be made by voice-call. This is supposedly to ensure that there is a more or less reasonable sounding, and sober person on the other side.

Likewise, as a customer, I prefer to have at least a brief voice-conversation with the agent or Lady. Admittedly, it is not a total guarantee, but especially in the case of low-key indie-ladies, it gives me the assurance there is an intelligent and sensible female on the other side of the line.

Ditto with Ladies that I have not seen for a while: I like to confirm it is actually still Her on the other side of the text-messages and not for example someone who got hold of her sim-card by whatever means.

Now recently, I came across a Lady who preferred to communicate only by SMS.
And when I gently but repeatedly suggested that we have at least a brief voice-call to confirm the date and give her the hotel and roomnumber, she suddenly reply-texted that "something was unsettled" and stopped replying. She didnt pick up the phone when I rang and it got switched off straight after.

Am I Funny ?
Was I too careful ?
Was there a mis-understanding in our texting ?
Was she in an area where she couldnt answer the phone ?
Potential scam ? I wouldnt suspect so, but I preferred to stay safe.

Maybe she just thougt it was too much "cloak and dagger".

I Will try again somtime, but I am sticking to my principle and stick to a brief voice-call to make Sure.

Suiteable Images :
cloak n dagger ?
some spy-novel cover ?

Couldnt find a suitable image fast enough, so decided to just put on some of my favorite music. Enjoy!