Thursday, 2 April 2009

the voice of an Escort

Many arrangements can be made by e-mail or text, but I always find it re-assuring
to at least briefly hear a voice when finalizing a booking, especially with an Indie-Lady.

[Image: call centre joke]

I have mentioned before [get link] that emails, Instant Messages, board-PMs, and text-messages are all "anonymous". Those communications can all be "outsourced" to a third party acting on-behalf-of. And I have known cases where a partner, an agent, or even the children(!) of a Lady handled mail or text for her, including the mandatory "huni" and "xx".

On some agency- and indie-sites, it states that confirmation for a booking should always be made by voice-call. This is supposedly to ensure that there is a more or less reasonable sounding, and sober person on the other side.

Likewise, as a customer, I prefer to have at least a brief voice-conversation with the agent or Lady. Admittedly, it is not a total guarantee, but especially in the case of low-key indie-ladies, it gives me the assurance there is an intelligent and sensible female on the other side of the line.

Ditto with Ladies that I have not seen for a while: I like to confirm it is actually still Her on the other side of the text-messages and not for example someone who got hold of her sim-card by whatever means.

Now recently, I came across a Lady who preferred to communicate only by SMS.
And when I gently but repeatedly suggested that we have at least a brief voice-call to confirm the date and give her the hotel and roomnumber, she suddenly reply-texted that "something was unsettled" and stopped replying. She didnt pick up the phone when I rang and it got switched off straight after.

Am I Funny ?
Was I too careful ?
Was there a mis-understanding in our texting ?
Was she in an area where she couldnt answer the phone ?
Potential scam ? I wouldnt suspect so, but I preferred to stay safe.

Maybe she just thougt it was too much "cloak and dagger".

I Will try again somtime, but I am sticking to my principle and stick to a brief voice-call to make Sure.

Suiteable Images :
cloak n dagger ?
some spy-novel cover ?

Couldnt find a suitable image fast enough, so decided to just put on some of my favorite music. Enjoy!


Aneris said...

Stick to your guns. Or rather stick to your dagger and keep your cloak wrapped around you tightly.

If nothing but you wish to match voice on phone with the voice emitting from mouth--you should.

I imagine they should, too.

Ptr_leeds said...


I've missed your comments.
How are you ?

Indeed, I would imagine that the Lady, on her part, would also want to at least hear a voice before committing to an appointment.

No worries. I'll stick with my invisibility cloak until I'm sure.

Take Care - keep writing.

Sarah said...

I've been an indie for about five years - even less if you count all the time I have taken off, but have been the recipient of many a disjointed and almost silly email. If I discounted a lot of these emails I would not have been lucky enough to meet some great people.
Similarly on the 'phone, some men are so nervous, they babble rubbish.. I do this too, so understand where they are coming from. I have seen clients almost buckle at the knee when they arrive in my apartment because they are so nervous.

I take each 'phone call and judge it on its own merits and have had only one or two bad moments with clients who were lacking in the hygiene department, which you can never detect from either email or a voice on a mobile :)

Having said this - I have taken lots of appointments on email only and the first time I have spoken to the guy is when I open my door..

It's all about trust and confidence really ?? I think so anyway!

Ptr_leeds said...

Thanks for that comment Sarah.

I may interest you to know that I have re-scheduled an appointment with the Lady in question. My curiosity and my other drives, and her very nice and correct text-manners seem to have gotten the better of me.
I just hope it isnt the local phone-scammer that turns up at my doorstep.

Dollymopp said...

I think a very personal 'business' should have a very personal 'touch' ie: a real voice, and will always insist on chatting a bit before meeting. If this person is coming to my place and is going to be intimate with me, I want to speak to them first?

Ptr_leeds said...

Why hello Miss Dollymopp, honoured to have you with us.

And well do I remember our first phone conversation. You made a very nice impression both on the phone and in person.

metrorendezvous said...

It is interesting to know that every persona associated in this industry has their own niche of services.
Although we are an agency based in NYC, we stride and provide the same services that you would receive in Europe.
We offer refreshments and a private place where the client can place his valuables or keys.
Every other night we run a theme night, like outfits and sexy club wear as well as pajama day and lingerie day.
It may not mean much since they all involve some sort of underwear theme but our clients seem to love it.
Noting that our clients are not the average Joe and receive this because of the 800.00 hourly fee.
But then again we are not offering this services in an average hotel...but in a plush apartment in the east side of Manhattan.
I am looking to have some girl be trained in the Tantric massage therapy field and offer those services as another theme night.
Again, I hope my comment is not out of the subject and if any one has questions or comments they can feel free to reference our website or contact us direct.
Thanks. -Metro.

Rhia Charles said...

Ohhh yes a little phone conversation is essential. Can get quite turned on by a sexy voice! I would never see a gent without speaking to him on the phone first. I like to know he likes the sound of me too. x Interesting post xxx

Ptr_leeds said...

Metro, thx for your comment, and it is nice to know there is such a place in NYC. I might think of you on my next visit. Meanwhile, it really helps your PR if you keep the spam down. thx.

Ptr_leeds said...

Hello Rhia!
Good to see you back, titilating writings and all.

I'm sure you are quite a hand(mouth?)full on the phone as well. I did notice some ladies have a similar tactic of "sounding out" the man on the other side of the phone. Some just dont stop talking and it is hard to get a word in. But it helps to form a mental image of the girl, and usually leads to great Encounters.

You Keep writing! I'm off to have a look at your blog.

Aneris said...

I am fine, Ptr.
Are you still wrapped in your cloak?

Ptr_leeds said...

Aneris, let us just say I am still very careful. How's things your end ?