Sunday, 24 May 2009

Hello to Amanda from Scotland - and a (((HUG))) to someone Dear.

Just two quicky items.

this is long overdue, but workie-stuff is catching up with me:


How could I have missed this well manicured blog for so long?
Have a look at Amanda, Highland Escort.
Proud to have added you to my list Amanda.


An Apology

I had to Cancel a long-planned appointment. And furthermore, I hardly have internet access to send messages too. So here is a long-overdue (((HUG))) to someone very dear.

Being a hopeless romantic is not always a good thing.

I am very sorry, but like you said: "These things happen".
It is great out here. It is a lovely job-stint, and an interesting place to be. But it is also a bit lonely out here and that suddenly struck me badly when a certain heartbreaking Bryan Adams song came out of the speakers in the shopping-area. I look forward to Catch Up with you when I get back.

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