Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mae West memorable Quotes

Click Through for much nicer picture...Apologies for the low-activity. Too FFing Busy, too much time in-car and not enough on trains. But the season is nice for long drives so I dont mind all that much.

The life jacket is appropriate. I see people going down all around me, and some will need a life-vest (go on, click it!).

But due to a strike of luck, and due to the fact that my work-skills are well-suited to crisis environments, I still hop from job to job, and the assignements are quite interesting.

If only I could spent more time with my favorite-one (...she discreetly knows who she is).

The life-vest items mentioned by someone this week reminded me of a famous Lady, her famous buxom figure, and her even more famous

She was No Angel and she also featured in this classic movie.

I am slightly surprised she doesnt yet get a mention in the "Floozies in Film" list. But then she may, strictly speaking, not have played a Floozy in her movies.

But her reputation for Saucyness could rival with Anyone.

Speaking of Re-Surfacing: Myriad is Back on the blogosphere. Interesting text and Superbly chosen artwork as usual

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