Sunday, 10 May 2009

Read the Escorting Manual

Todays Image is of a tatood back. The reason will become clear on reading or clicking.

In earlier days, I have patronizingly posted about what I thought was the right attitude to become an Escort. And I still stand by my own preference for part-time defibrillated Ladies. Low key, discreet, and in it for the kick of rediscovered youth and a good time (she knows who she is).

But I also maintain that good Escorting is a form of Art[need link].
And one Lady who approaches it that way is Dollymopp. To her, Escorting is Sexy Art and Arty Sex. She could claim that slogan.dollymopp embodies that Perfect Courtesan, with personality, intitiative, and total dedication to her chosen Art. Also noticed that she did start off "part time", choosing Escoring as a temp-job that gave her a sense of freedom and power.

Ms Mopp has now published a brilliant post that I think is Required reading for both Customers and (future) Floozies: This is how it is. This blogpost of hers is almost a "Manual to Escorting".

Having met Ms Mopp in person several times, I can only higly recommend her readings (and her good Dollymopping self as well - Mint).

Cheers Dollymopp.
(and good luck with your visit on Monday)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reference to Dolly's blog. She is a fine blogger, and I am finding your blog helpful as well. I'm a very new "punter" as you Brits call it, in fact, just one experience in the U.S. But, I have found it to be a very liberating experience, so much so that I have enthusiastically rushed into blogging about it myself. At my age and personal circumstances, it is possibly the right thing for me to be doing now. It sure beats sitting home alone and feeling sorry for myself.

Aneris said...

Lovely picture.

And Dolly is scrumptious!

Dollymopp said...

I am honoured to be mentioned and refered to, dear Ptr! I had a bee in the bonnet there didn't I?!
It's for other ladies too, I know a lot agreed.
My visit to 'the chamber of excruiating pain' went very well, and I'm sure that you will see that sometime in the future, hehe. xxx D.

Ptr_leeds said...

Welcome Richard.
It can be a liberating experience indeed. Myself, I was rather lucky with my first few encounters, possibly due to some research.
And the blogging about it is my perfect entertainment on long journeys too.

Aneris, Welcome back.
And yes, she is Dollisious isnt she.

That bee in your bonnet was there just in time: you were on super form when you wrote it all down. Some of the best writings were done under a but if stress or frustrations, and your "how it is" might be one of those.
Of course I will come to admire the new artwork soon.