Friday, 22 May 2009

The richest woman in Yorkshire

Check it out... not your usual chicklit, and not even escorting relatedImagine being a foreigner of North African descend, with a funny french accent, sitting in a pub somewhere in Yorkshire.

Suddenly, the lady next to you touches elbows with you and says "I am the richest woman in Yorkshire".

Apparently it happened to Faoud Laroui, and he wrote a
based on the encounter: "La femme la plus riche du Yorkshire."

I am currently not yet sure if there is an english translation out, or if the publisher is testing the waters, but here is one of the few english-language references that google could find.

I have just, by chance encounter, read the first few pages in french last week. But if I can believe the reviews, there is a lot more weird stuff going on in Yorkshire (I already knew that, but still...)

The book I have to get hold of,
The woman, I'd like to meet....

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