Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Birds on Boards - We've never been Hotter

Gotta love that style...The two expressions from the title come from this column by Lucy Kellaway.

Lucy is Recommended Reading - every week.

And I can confirm that many offices have a much more interesting "office life" now that young, ambitious female managers are openly enjoying the use of their femininity as a weapon.

Flirting as a sign of Strength.

The young (and elder) male managers are in for both a treat and some unfair compeTition.

Have fun all!

The clip art is a lady in a Forties Style suit, it comes from a site that I found via Dollymopp. Last week, Dollymopp got stuck in a dress (or is that in a dressing room?). But she managed to get out in the end. In the writeup, she linked to a site that had that irrisistible picture on it. Thx Dolly.
(my all time favorite is the dress from the Venice photoshoot, but she knows that).

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