Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sue and Angels4you in the news again

No you pervs. This is a serious link.An Angel blowing a Trumpet. No pun intended.

There is a lot to blog about this summer. I'd love to comment on the book by Bea (see link to the right) and some of the adventures documented on PN and PL. (links when time permits).

But as Friends come First, here is a pointer to the diary of Sue at Angels4you.

Against all good advice (mine), Sue let herself be interviewed by some local (?) newspaper and linked to the result.

All in all, the resulting article in EN (has anyone heard of them before?) wasnt too bad. There is a definite Business Angle to it. And if this helps making "the bizz" more transparant and accessible, I'm all for it.

Happy reading.


Dollymopp said...

Very interesting! D x

Ptr_leeds said...

Thx D.

More news stuff to come. Just found a gem in yesterdays FT too.