Monday, 28 September 2009

Women that are never wrong

Female Boss
Very nearly I missed it: the FT list of the worlds 50 most powerful Women in Business (no silly, that other business, what civilians call "the real world").

Luckily, Lucy Kellaway drew my attention to it this morning.

Now, to draw the disucssion into "this business", I know a few Lady Bosses who run Agencies. And They tend to fall into the category of gentle friendly, and emphatic mums-next-door (e.g. good listeners; until you have made a decision and revealed your hotelroom). But they are also visciously Stubborn and are definitely "Always Right" (no way one can contradict them!). And that would put them right in with the two examples mentioned by Lucy: Hard Driving, Ruthless bullies that will get their way. End of.

Admittedly, the Lady-Bosses with hands on experience, the ones I had the pleasure of meeting on a date, have proven to be Excellent Companions.

It is not my cuppa, but is the future to the Dommes ?

Frank! There is a miss Whiplash for you...

Frank! There is a miss Whiplash for you on line 3...

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