Friday, 2 October 2009

Punternet Responses to Harriet Harman

Harman, On a Crusade against ... against what actually ???Harriet Harman, an English cabinet minister, claimed that she has asked California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to shut down a well known website about prostitution, mainly focussed on the UK.

I am not going to waste too much time typing on this topic. The reactions from the participants speak for themselves.

Check the "Open Letter" and the Press release from Galahad and read the "Message(s) from the Ladies".

Take your time, read the whole lot if you can (and there was quite a number of Good Responses when I last checked).

I can especially recommend the reactions from Laura Lee, from CatherineIUSW, from Dollymopp, and from Melanie.

Now go do your own research, and form your own opinion.

Btw: does anyone know if Arnie has reacted in any way ?

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voyeur36 said...

Brilliant post. But the government never listens. Remember the Iraq war? One million people protested and we still went. Being a single guy, I truly hope this goes nowhere.