Thursday, 26 November 2009

Advice on Men and Sex

At the risk of looking like a groupy or a tout, I'll give out a quick link to some good advice...

Nr 5 is the best tip ever!


Paul Frank said...

Professional Girlfriends wants to offer their experience and expertise in escort safety.
Safety is paramount for independent escorts and escort agency escorts, so we have included this article for all escorts to read and bear it in mind when meeting a client for the first time. As an escort there are some simple safety procedures you can follow that will help keep you safe and free from potential harm. You cannot take things for granted in this day and age, no matter how well dressed or how a client looks and portrays themselves.

1 Wherever possible when meeting for the first time always meet in a public place, that way you have the option to walk away the client makes you feel uneasy or is not how he described himself. Trust you instincts!!

2. If possible employ a driver to transport you to and from appointments. This way you will have someone to call upon if problems occur. You may dismiss this as being too expensive but you can’t put a price on safety.

3. Once you’ve made arrangements to meet a client whether it’s the first time or not we urge you to inform a friend or associate or your plans, your whereabouts and the estimated duration of your evening. If your plans change always notify someone of the changes.

4 Let the client know that there is someone waiting outside for you, even if you are not using a driver.

5 If you conduct your escort business from an apartment or residence, it may be wise to employ a Personal Assistance (PA). Not only does this ensure your safety, it gives your business a professional look, as your PA will be on hand to meet and great your clients.

6 If possible try to inform other escorts of a bad client / bad experience. This will hopefully prevent another escort being put in a similar situation with the same person. Remember, knowledge is power!!

7 Clearly explain the service to the client; what it will involve, how long it will last and how much it will cost.

8 If you are visiting a clients house for the first time try and look through the whole house to check for other people, signs of danger and exits. You could ask for a tour of the house and this will give you a chance to spot any potential dangers.

9 Don’t accept a drink that has already been opened or that you have not seen being made. It’s not difficult for a person so slip a drug into your drink like rhohypnol.

10 Never be afraid to say ‘NO’ to anything you feel unfortable about and if you are not happy with anything make your excuses and leave.

These are just a few of the safety tips you as an escort should bear in mind when meeting a client. These tips are non exhaustive and you may have many more safety measures you take when meeting a client.

P.Frank is author and poet, who works as a Manchester Escort in her spare time. There are few Italian Manchester Escorts working throughout the north.

Ptr_leeds said...

Thanks for the good advice Paul.