Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Dr Belle de Jour

Dr Brooke Magnanti aka Belle de JourShe is for Real.

I will admid that I had doubts. The blog and books were written and marketed so well that it could have been a professional writer or a prank. Hence, I never took her in my blogroll.

But it seems Dr Belle (Yes, a PhD!) was for real after all.

On the negative side, it seems she outed herself because some newspaper had gotten a tip and was about to break the news anyway. For that, I feel sorry for her. It seems she had preferred anonymity but the papers didnt respect that. Given her extensive writings, and the ruthlessness of the UK press, I'm not surprised.

But her outing brought about some very good (and also the usual negative) comments by some. The original outing-interview is a good read.

And this comment in Newsweek is something I want to recomment to politicians and normal persons alike.

I will not close my eyes to some of the bad things that go on in the paid-for-dateing scene. But Dr Belle (I like that name) is an example of how one woman found "empowerment", rather then degradation. And I know many girls, some of them students and most of them very clever, found "the game" equally liberating as Dr Belle.

If ever "The Right Lady" existed, Dr Belle seems to be Her. Brains, Beauty and Talent.

NB: If you are reading, welcome to my blogroll. And I apologize for my original doubts. Much Respect!

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Richard Heath said...

I am totally intrigued by this story, the myth busting potential of it, and the political and social implications. It's just fascinating. Thanks for making note of it.