Monday, 7 December 2009

slow deep intense

Michael knows what travel is aboutBeen too bloody busy working and travelling to write, or to even think much. Will comment more on some (news) items later. Gimme time (In the meantime, a lot will already be said and written, so I might not bother anymore.)

I owe a lot to my "regular" (she knows who she is), and I am trying to visit her more often (work, time, flights...).

For the moment, I'll just leave you with this Classic from Gillette, the things that always worked best for me (I'd love to meet this woman sometime - Gillette, if you are reading...):

Slow (if I can refrain from jumping right on, it's been a while...)
Deep (in the mental way: Connect!)
Intense (someone I can relate to)

I will come back soon and spend more time, until then: Take Care.

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