Friday, 30 January 2009

Veggie Escorts for Better Sex

You are what you eat.

And I still think I am a red-blooded, steak-eating, easily tempted male.

But this just ticked me off when I saw the news item. Oh, not the americans again.

To cut straight to the chase, here is the YouTube version of the ad that NBC apparently didn't want to show:

I bet you some of you pervs loved that video, eh Livvy ?

Now, I know a lot of you Ladies are animal lovers, but you often also are "foodies"

Which all begs the question: is PETA right ?
Do vegetarians have better Sex ?

nb: from personal research: at least one of my favorites was an explicit Veggie and animal lover.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Whores are Heroes

Joan of Arc (maybe I should find some english/scottisch female Hero)The picture has nothing to do with Whores, but all with Female Heroes. Joan of Arc was one of those, hence her Picture.

Acutally, most whores are female. The female of a Hero is a Heroine but I didn't want that in the title.

The whole thing was put to my attention via Dollymopp. Her Dollymoppness is never short of
blog-material (actually, Dollymopp and Rhia Charles, and several other blogging Ladies seem to be in competition to educate us about the History of Courtesanship (and whoredom) in many ways.

The Latest piece of education in this friendly writing-competition is the blog of Dollymopp where she points to the 40 Reasons why Whore are Heroes.

The actual list seems to have been composed by Anny Sprinkler, who has a very interesting site dedicated to all-things-sex herself. Go and Check it all Out.

Oh, and a belated Happy New Year to All and Sundry.
Especially to You! You Know who You are.
Would insert one of our favorite Bryan Adams clips, if youtube didnt keep removing them for (c) reasons.