Saturday, 28 February 2009

Smoking: Escort Sabotage or Erotic Stimulation

The link is to some Erotic Smoking material...Many Ladies in the Escort or Companionship Business seem to be smokers. And if you are a smoking Lady, you have probably found out how your smoking habit can be used to your advantage.

I found the ciggy can be used to either sabotage the meeting, or to enhance it. "Sabotage" is unfortunately used more often then Stimulation.

The cunning courtesan can use the Craving for ciggy as an excuse to create one or more convenient counterpoints during the meeting. She can also use it for a get-out-quick if the meeting is a dud and she wants to end it early: "I'm off now luf, time is up and I soo need a fag" (grabs bag, fumbles with pack of ciggies and runs for door).

A mouth full of stale smoke and tobacco stains and smells might also prevent a punter from trying to properly kiss you. So if you are not into kissing, but your agent still lists that as a service, then smoking, recent spicey food, and the last-minute removal of a 30 second old chewing-gum can all be part of your line of defense. You still pretend to engage in the action, but your part-time partner will hopefully avoid too much activity in the mouth-to-mouth department.

Whether smoking is allowed in the room or not, or whether any smoke-detectors are present, that seems to be totally irrelevant to the determined woman. Smoking, or rather the need for a nicotine, is a perfect means to break the rithm and to buy time.

Leatherman multi tools, the original over priced gadget, no WL or client should be without, but you cannot carry them on planes anymore - sighCertain Ladies carry tools or exotic screwdrivers solely for the purpuse of sabotageing the windows to be able to smoke (or possibly also to throw the client out, if he gets uppity ?)

"I really need a smoke first, mind if we open the window?", Whithout waiting for a reply, she starts purposfully but awkwardly to manipulate the
secured window for 10 minutes, optionally throwing a tantrum in the process.
This is followed by another 10 minutes of slowly indulging in her addiction, near the window. Of course she will adopt a position that defies anything that might happen between consenting adults. And in winter, the cold air streaming in, chilling your toes and other vital parts, is a welcome ally to the woman who wants to prevent you from becoming too hot for her.

No convenient windows? No problem: "Now hunni, while you get yerself ready, I'll just pop to the loo for a quick ciggy to calm us down, shall I?." She will be gone for 15 min of valuable time. And yes, that can really "calm us down", both of us. Of course, she knows that on her return after a slowly consumed, savoured smoke, the chances of Vigorous Action are slimmer, which can facilitate her job a lot. "We dont seem to be in the mood today, do we?"

The smoke alarm has not happened on me during a meeting yet, but I did have my share of hotel-evacuations in the UK. Always with the excuse of "someone smoking, apparently, wont be long sir." It always Rains when that happens.

And whenever that alarm goes off, I always wonder: Would it have been a woman trying to get out with the envelope before "anything else" can happen between "consenting adults". I always look for females leaving the premises, but have not yet spotted a WL with certainty. They probably know their escape routes better then me.

This girl thinks smoking is bad for your sexlife... ?However, smoking can also be a turn on. On a few occasions, when I knew the Lady to be a smoker, and the hotel had smoking rooms, I have booked such a room. Some Girls are delighted to be able to smoke and appreciate the gesture. I remenber one particular Lady who positively abused the possibility to delicious effect...
A Memorable Meeting it was - I did, and will return!

Also, with regards to smoking, some quite arousing images from movies like Basic Instinct and Wild at Heart come to mind.

More on the Erotic Stimulation of Smoking later (train pulls into station, and about time for a nicotine fix too).

Friday, 27 February 2009

Women that need a Defibrillator

Newly divorced women need 'defibrillator' men to shock them back to life before they start a serious relationshipAnyone recognize the phenomenon discussed in that article?

I know of at least two examples whereby a thirty-something divorcee Lady re-discovered her "girlie side" and her Girl-Power via Escorting.

And recently I heard this very nice remark from my All Time Regular. It was during one of those meetings where we had oodles of time an no pressure to do anything. We had a nice spacious hotelroom with a sofa and something to eat and drink.
As always, she enjoyed the whole affair. Like she often does, she showed me her latest piece of good-time lingerie. I could almost see her glow with Fun and Pride. I am normally not into fashion-shows, but she is such a doddle that I just love to see her show it off before we gently take it off.

And then, totally relaxed, during the most tender embrace, she sighed:

"This is lovely, you know. This escorting really brings out the girl in me again.

I took it as a compliment, but it was really more about herself then about our date. I could see her ravish in the attention and glow in the realization of her Girl-Power.

She is the girl that inspired my take on "The Right Lady", an educated professional and a mother who does part-time, low-key Escorting next to a real job and raising real kids. Experienced both in bed and in real life. But intelligent and strong enough to not be tainted by the experiences.

A quote from the article in the link: The last thing a divorcee needs is a man who will make emotional demands on you, or drain the life out of you. You need a man who is life-affirming, who will make you feel fantastic and put the glow back in your cheeks.

Well, given the right environment, that is exactly what an Escort can get form a gentle client, a discrete non-pushy agent, and the right attitude. Because it is an "escort" date, and not some lonely-hearts advert or blind-date-setup from friends or colleagues, she knows she can walk away from it without any strings, emotional or otherwise. No risk of emotions or stalking.

Call me a fluffy or a sucker, but I really believe in the story of the Happy (Hobby) Hooker. It takes the right personality, the right customer, and the right agent or coach to make a good match. But when everything falls into place, there is just the Enjoyment for both parties. An affair with mutual benefits, and without the downsides.

Nobody can convince me otherwise.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

informational message

The image is from an Australian public information office, as this is an "informational message" posting.

Due to real-world workie-thingies, it is a bit quiet on here at the moment. Not enough train-rides, and not the right trains. I really admire the likes of
Livvy, Dolly and Aneris who manage to pump put a blog-entry with Admirable regularity (true Regulars eh?).

However, to come back to one of my favorite topics, "The Right Lady", someone on the PNMB mentioned this instruction video for girls with porn-star ambitions.

Ladies, if you are thinking of a career in Porn have a look, and a laugh.

Now, having grinned at that video a few times, the question arises: Is there a similar information video for girls who want to become Escorts ? Livvy, should we team up with ITV-Yorkshire and do a public-information production ?
All for the greater good, mind you.

Monday, 2 February 2009

run to you - back soon

This was on the radio this morning.
Been in my head permanently.

Just made me totally Homesick.


Cant wait to be back ...

and this one is for You:
Incurable? time will tell...

Take Care, and see you soon!