Sunday, 24 May 2009

Hello to Amanda from Scotland - and a (((HUG))) to someone Dear.

Just two quicky items.

this is long overdue, but workie-stuff is catching up with me:


How could I have missed this well manicured blog for so long?
Have a look at Amanda, Highland Escort.
Proud to have added you to my list Amanda.


An Apology

I had to Cancel a long-planned appointment. And furthermore, I hardly have internet access to send messages too. So here is a long-overdue (((HUG))) to someone very dear.

Being a hopeless romantic is not always a good thing.

I am very sorry, but like you said: "These things happen".
It is great out here. It is a lovely job-stint, and an interesting place to be. But it is also a bit lonely out here and that suddenly struck me badly when a certain heartbreaking Bryan Adams song came out of the speakers in the shopping-area. I look forward to Catch Up with you when I get back.

Friday, 22 May 2009

The richest woman in Yorkshire

Check it out... not your usual chicklit, and not even escorting relatedImagine being a foreigner of North African descend, with a funny french accent, sitting in a pub somewhere in Yorkshire.

Suddenly, the lady next to you touches elbows with you and says "I am the richest woman in Yorkshire".

Apparently it happened to Faoud Laroui, and he wrote a
based on the encounter: "La femme la plus riche du Yorkshire."

I am currently not yet sure if there is an english translation out, or if the publisher is testing the waters, but here is one of the few english-language references that google could find.

I have just, by chance encounter, read the first few pages in french last week. But if I can believe the reviews, there is a lot more weird stuff going on in Yorkshire (I already knew that, but still...)

The book I have to get hold of,
The woman, I'd like to meet....

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Mae West memorable Quotes

Click Through for much nicer picture...Apologies for the low-activity. Too FFing Busy, too much time in-car and not enough on trains. But the season is nice for long drives so I dont mind all that much.

The life jacket is appropriate. I see people going down all around me, and some will need a life-vest (go on, click it!).

But due to a strike of luck, and due to the fact that my work-skills are well-suited to crisis environments, I still hop from job to job, and the assignements are quite interesting.

If only I could spent more time with my favorite-one (...she discreetly knows who she is).

The life-vest items mentioned by someone this week reminded me of a famous Lady, her famous buxom figure, and her even more famous

She was No Angel and she also featured in this classic movie.

I am slightly surprised she doesnt yet get a mention in the "Floozies in Film" list. But then she may, strictly speaking, not have played a Floozy in her movies.

But her reputation for Saucyness could rival with Anyone.

Speaking of Re-Surfacing: Myriad is Back on the blogosphere. Interesting text and Superbly chosen artwork as usual

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Read the Escorting Manual

Todays Image is of a tatood back. The reason will become clear on reading or clicking.

In earlier days, I have patronizingly posted about what I thought was the right attitude to become an Escort. And I still stand by my own preference for part-time defibrillated Ladies. Low key, discreet, and in it for the kick of rediscovered youth and a good time (she knows who she is).

But I also maintain that good Escorting is a form of Art[need link].
And one Lady who approaches it that way is Dollymopp. To her, Escorting is Sexy Art and Arty Sex. She could claim that slogan.dollymopp embodies that Perfect Courtesan, with personality, intitiative, and total dedication to her chosen Art. Also noticed that she did start off "part time", choosing Escoring as a temp-job that gave her a sense of freedom and power.

Ms Mopp has now published a brilliant post that I think is Required reading for both Customers and (future) Floozies: This is how it is. This blogpost of hers is almost a "Manual to Escorting".

Having met Ms Mopp in person several times, I can only higly recommend her readings (and her good Dollymopping self as well - Mint).

Cheers Dollymopp.
(and good luck with your visit on Monday)