Thursday, 21 January 2010

Ladies, Cougars, and their Prey

Gillette had a nice item on Cougarification recently.

I had heard the term cougar, but never really investigated its meaning. When I did, I found some Gems of clips and text on youtube.

First, there was this tongue-in-cheek clip that contains An unflinching examination of the behaviour of Cougars in urban Auckland's wild side with the mysteries of their mating habits finally revealed.

But on a much more serious note I foud a how-to guide that describe this new breed of single, older woman - confident, sophisticated, desirable and sexy.
including How to find and identify the different types of prey and much more.

Have a look here:

Follow the clip onto youtube for much more related video and texts.

Happy Hunting!

ps: Economy is picking up like a wildfire. I'm Getting Over-booked and Exhausted. And despite all the tongue-in-cheek, I am in real need of a good hug and some tender contact. But I am in the wrong place as we write... Miss you Babe, Really miss you!

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