Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Under the Radar.

The expression "Under the Radar", when used for a Working Lady generally means that she is on the game, but not actively advertising. The under-the-radar girl probably is doing the job part time, or is living off (a set of) profitable regular(s). It can also be a prelude to retirement from the industry.

Under the Radar also describes my current participation in the industry. I visit several places at irregular intervals, and meet mostly "regulars".

It is a very comfortable life.
I can never enough recommend "the regular" (see earlier posts).

I also find my urge to post blogposts on here has cooled off somewhat, partly due to a long absence from my regular punting grounds, partly because I have said more or less all I wanted to say (I dont like repeating same songs over and over, done that enough already).

But just to let some of the regular readers know: I'm Just Fine. Thank You!
(and I have no intention to retire yet - hehehe).